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  1. Thanks guys. Believe it or not fraps had a update that directly addressed this issue. It literally said light gem fix for Dark Mod.
  2. I think its safe to say that once Thief 4 is released we will never see anything remotely close to Thief: The Dark Project. Ubisoft butchered Thief and made into something to compete with Dishonored, nothing more. No hammers? Pagans? Keepers? They even replaced the voice actor for Garret for christs sake. Everything that made thief interesting and the world immersive they took out and instead but a bunch of flashy gadgets and features that make the game easy enough for any 8 year old to play. The Dark Mod is the only hope to continue what looking glass studios and edios started.
  3. Has anyone else had a issue running FRAPS while playing Dark Mod? It actually only affects my light gem, which will not change at all as I run FRAPS. Suggestions? Makes gameplay very difficult.
  4. Not a big deal but I notice that in the mission menu any missions starting with "The" look something like this. EXAMPLE: Beguiling Fence, The
  5. True. I can do some good voices, but when I record myself it sounds like total shit.
  6. Its honestly one of the few dialogs I've heard in a game that made me laugh. The fact that your overhearing it as well and that its completely optional to listen to makes it even better. You can either run right by the gate and go on with your mission or you can go "hold up, what are they saying?" and listen to them talk. It makes it all the better.
  7. Although the thief atmosphere has always been grim and DM takes after it in the same way I recall some very humorous moments in TDP. Why just in the beginning at Lord Bafford's manor listening to the conversation between the gate guards is hysterical. "Hey you wanna go to the bear pits tomorrow?" XD
  8. I really loved the notes written by peasant who can't spell or use a bunch of slang XD. "THIS HERE IS MY BREAD! ANYONE WHO EATS THIS BREAD IS GONNA GET DIS DAGGER IN DER GUT! MAGGOTS!" hilarious.
  9. I know!!! Like on Knighton Manor the only the only thing that bothered me was EVERYTHING was locked. I like the lockpicking system. I do. I know I will be ridiculed, but I liked the TDS lockpicking system ALOT. I could pick locks relatively quickly and it made more sense to me then sitting in DM and listening to clicking.
  10. I don't like it when mappers lock EVERYTHING. I don't like it when mappers make every light electric and inextinguishable. I do like it when mappers leave letters and notes for the gamer to read. Provides a better feel for the atmosphere that is The DarkMod. Key hunts and overuse of hiding safes or critical mission loot are frustrating.
  11. I've seen a lot of people debating on what makes a good fan mission and the opinions vary from what I've seen. I'm hoping that by the end of this topic the community can help establish some "golden guidelines" to make a good fan mission. So I ask, what makes a well executed fan mission?
  12. Is it using custom textures or is that standard metal age textures? Pertaining to Knighton Manor? I found that FM to be one of the better executed ones out of the whole batch and admired the gear puzzle in the basement. I played winter harvest for 5 minutes and then exited back to the main menu.
  13. What is that screenshot just out of curiosity.
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