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  1. Im damn sure u will I run a mod but i know it wont come close to the standard's of this one although if ever needed im hear to lend a hand
  2. Just thought i'd come on and say happy new year to everyone hope you have a good night and all
  3. If u try, u'll get it Never give up I bought the cipher engine and i was completely lost but i have found my way around the engine in a few weeks. Im actually learning my way around the doom3 sdk at the moment and its alot more complex but im sure i'll figure it On that note im sure you will aswell
  4. Ya Theif did revolutionize the game industry. I agree if your looking for inspiration within the game industry theif is a great example. Although it also depends upon ur personallity and likes/dislikes. For example im a huge western fan theirfor i found inspiration in 'Red Dead Revolver' created by Rockstar although as you stated correctly Theif could be pretty much any time period (within reason) and you could inco-orporate almost anything into it. My point wasnt that Theif didnt have merit for giving inspiration i just said its not the be all and end all of inspiration within the game indu
  5. Like i said, theif is an awesome game, and definately opened up a new side to the game industry. Although it holds inspiration from what it has accomplished their is still more things in the world to offer even more inspiration
  6. Theif was awesome but not that good Eternal Inspiration? Nah maybe a week or two I get my inspiration elsewhere
  7. I dun mind harsh I want to get into the game industry and if im not willing to take critism now i never well Throw it at me
  8. Well i use milkshape 3d & 3ds max 5,6 & 7. For modelling props. Not really got any good examples at the moment though as I havent made any for a while. If you want to test me, just tell me something u want modelled (preferebaly with are reference picture) and tell me the max ammount of poly's u want the model and i'll have it done and post a render of it. Thanx -DraVen
  9. i doubt i can help with coding much although if u need a mapper or prop modeller at any point contact me here or via e-mail/msn thanx -DraVen
  10. I didnt buy either for the game itself Was interested in the opportunity to work with the new engines & higher poly counts with my weapons etc but im getting a bit of gameplay here and their which is worth it in my books.
  11. lol its an example or ur work sure they wont mind (but dun take it from me )
  12. Nice! I like it I've been mapping for cod for ages but only just grappled with the doom3 editor this morning
  13. Holy Crap! Thats better than most the adverts for games on TV! Awesome work! Permit me to drool
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