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  1. On 2/15/2023 at 5:37 AM, Geep said:

    Glad that's working for you. Yeah, getting the data into shape is a pain. I did it for me with a lot of Excel in/out and text find/replace misadventures. Some potential for process improvement there, next time.

    I used Excel as well, but I did:


    1. First in command prompt dir /b > voices.txt (actually I used ls, because I use Linux, but this is how it is done with dir). The /b gives you a file-list without extra info around it.

    2. Pasted the voices.txt contents in Excel. Paste in column E.

     3. Fill in the first line like this:


    4. Select the first 4 cells. A1, A2, A3 and A4. Then use the + sign right under the cell-selection and move it down till the end of the list. After that move column D to Column F and delete Column D. So it looks like this:


    5. Then in cell F1 you do command =A1&B1&C1&D1&E1

    You get then the combination of cells A t/m E together in cell F1. Then you do the same as with column F what you did in step 4.

    6. Then select column F, copy and then right mouse button paste values over it.

    So you see this:


    5. Now you can copy column F to your sound shader:


    It can be done in even less steps, I think..

    I guess, maybe it's useful to put this on the wiki..


    On 2/15/2023 at 5:37 AM, Geep said:

    Interesting idea, though I wouldn't want the text to be interpreted as objectives by the player.

    I don't understand why this is an issue. This is not used by real players, only by subtitle testers. Putting it in the objects field is easiest and you can acces it easilly by pressing O (or the key set for it). But you can also add a note file to the inventory, but I thought this is more work.

    On 2/15/2023 at 5:37 AM, Geep said:

    Most guidance for subtitles would restrict them to the central 2/3rds of the screen, width-wise. So maybe narrowing the fields a bit throughout would be good. Need to think about this. I guess the lowest field would also obscure the health and breathe bars a bit.

    I think @stgatilovsaid that possibly more input was needed for the correct gui. Maybe the current gui is designed from the briefings and ai barks experience. In briefings there is no player interface with icons left and right and health bar and the short ai barks will perfectly fit in the central, so at first it seems it looks ok.

    So in my opininion the in-game gui has to change so that the subtitles are not able to overlap any interface elements, instead of working around the limitation.

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  2. Oh sorry, my mistake, I really really thought there was a boxed version with included cooler. Doesn't matter though.

    8 hours ago, jaxa said:

    Ryzen 5 5500 is a disabled Cezanne APU with half the cache of the 5600X/5700X/5800X. If 5600 is just a little more, I would get that instead.

    It isn't, but thanks for pointing this out.

  3. I got it working now with my own audio and inline subs and srt files. Works really well for testing ingame. It's a bit work to set up at first.

    Sometimes the subs text overlaps the weapon and selected inventory item (left and right in interface), so I think the gui for in-game subtitles should be narrowed, so it doesn't overlap. For mission intro's this isn't an issue and therefore full width is fine.

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  4. Currently I just write down the subtitles till 6 seconds length from the audio files in the subs file. For longer I use Kdenlive and check correctly formatting in that app. Interested in your workflow though.

    Edit: Actually this is really nice for testing out inline text, but I guess it should also work for srt... Interesting,this means I don't have to testplay the whole mission. This should be sufficient.

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  5. 16 minutes ago, s.urfer said:

    Your system isn't that bad, actually. My backup gaming system is slower, but in a pinch, it still works.

    Did you upgrade to SSD? This was what I perceived as the most significant and cheap speed upgrade.

    No it isn't bad at all, yeah I use ssd for running software, I only have a 4tb hd for mostly media files. but I'm noticing some situations where I want my pc to be a bit faster (including gaming) and thought since I upgraded these parts 10 years ago it would be a logical time to start looking for an upgrade.

  6. Not sure about that, I think tdm performance is also for a big part cpu based.

    I was not planning on upgrading my gpu currently. I'm using an nvidia gtx 1050 Ti (stock overclocked). I can do the upgrading of that later.

  7. Hi I'm thinking of buying a new pc. Or at least mobo+cpu+memory (and possibly cooler). Last time I bought this combo was 10 years ago, so I thought maybe it's time for an upgrade.. I was thinking of going for AMD Ryzen, do you think it's currently really worth it to go for an AM5 cpu? All in all I find it kind of expensive and AM4 cpu's are still good performing, so I'm not sure I need the newest tech. On the other hand going for AM5 is more future proof I guess..

    Also, I was first thinking of going for an X3d processor, but then gathered I'm actually not gaming that much (and not high demanding games) and the gpu will stay midrange anyway and thus be the bottleneck ? I wonder if the price of the 5800X3d will go down when the zen4 variant arrives.

    Currently thinking about Am4 combo:

    Ryzen 5700X

    32 gb ram (3200mhz)

    Asrock B450 Steel Legend


    My current (Cooler master) cpu cooler is good enough I think, but I don't know if I still have the needed AM4 attachment (curently using it on an Intel cpu).

  8. 35 minutes ago, Daft Mugi said:

    When you pick up and drop a body multiple times, it'll alternate between facing up and facing down.

    This is not actually true, I often have to do this some amount of time before the body falls down the opposite way. Very annoying. It would be nice if TDM had a rotate body button.. But even when it's rotated correctly, it's often hard to frob the key correctly.

    So yeah I'm in favor of an auto frob key button (for bodies).

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