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Found 6 results

  1. ============================================================== Title: Hidden Hands: The Anomaly Filename : hhta.pk4 Author: Jack Farmer Date of release: 01.05.2021 (version: 1) - 08.05.2021 (version 2) 16.03.2022 (version 3) EFX: Yes Version 2 available via the DM mission downloader (see subsequent post below for changes) Mission does not run under 2.08 due to missing new core assets - please update to 2.09 ============================================================== Hidden Hands series: I - Initiation II - Vitalic Fever III - The Lost Citadel IV - The Anomaly ============================================================== Jack Farmer: mapping & drafts Amadeus: revision/editing of all texts for readables, narration and dialogues, design consultation ("The walls are ugly!"...and your were right! ) Joebarnin: consultation for a custom script enabling a crucial in-game event Dragofer: consultation for custom scripts and S/R events, extraction & prefab packaging of Sotha's robots, bug fixes Destined: consultation for custom scripts and...fixing JacK's wrong custom scripts! Very special thanks go out to Geep for updating the Wiki helping me to solve several GUI problems within -literally - seconds! Beta testers: Joebarnin (lead) ate0ate Zerg Rush wesp5 datiswous Voice actors (in order of appearance): Malasdair The Thief AndrosTheOxen Jonus New Horizon Desmond Pilfered items: - portal sky with trees originally developed and arranged by Dragofer for "Down By The Riverside" - fireflies originally developed by Bikerdude for "Alberic's Curse" - floating boat set up (this time used for a different..."object") originally developed by Bikerdude for one of his missions - robots originally developed by Sotha for "Ulysses: Genesis" - new electric door move sound based on one of Sotha's robot sounds - selected cave architecture originally developed by Johannes Burock taken from the abandoned WIP thread - waterdrops sound taken from freesound.org produced by nicstage - custom machine sound taken from freesound.org produced by deleted-user4401185 - forest at night taken from freesound.org produced by felix-blume - machine3 sound taken from freesound.org produced by lupalenzuela - tape-deck-startup taken from freesound.org produced by soundjoao - electric-zap-electricity taken from freesound.org produced by wakerone - static_stylophone_a taken from freesound.org produced by inspectorj - steady-machine-with-hum taken from freesound.org produced by craigsmith - radio_noise taken from freesound.org produced by inspectorj - chain-rustling taken from freesound.org produced by nathanmanaker - wind_turbin taken from freesound.org produced by dommygee - selected guitar_feedback taken from freesound.org originally produced by oymaldonado - stream-water-c taken from freesound.org produced by inspectorj - mic-feedback-fx-short-mid-2 taken from freesound.org produced by chimerical - megaphone-feedback taken from freesound.org produced by deleted-user-2104797 All other new fx sound created by Jack Farmer using a Korg M1 synth, kitchen equipment and his weird voice All new ambient tracks produced and mixed by Jack Farmer sometimes with additional ambient sound samples originally produced by gigagooga Briefing video by SirSmokeALot --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Hi everyone, I would like to try this fantastic game and I would like to start with training mission but neither Thedarkmod.com missions links are available and no missions server into the game. Could you create some links to download that mission or explain me a solution to fix the conexion with missions server into the game? I am running on Arch Linux. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello dear TDM community, I started to play TDM in 2020 again and I wanted to find a mission I enjoyed a lot in 2016 I guess. I don't know much about the mission anymore, all I know is that it blew my mind. There were somehow many in game cuts, story jumps and probably also time travel. I hope I am not wrong but there was also some snow. It was a long story tellling. The protagonist found out about the fate of some people, what happened to them, when they died etc. And I think the player jumped in time some times. I think this was all in one mission (same file). At some point I could hear a horse-drawn carriage OR a horse. But not a "in game horse". More a story telling horse in the background. I remotely remember that I had to look for some hidden "things" around a house. The story was carried by many notes I think.... hope you can help me guys. I checked all mission descriptions but can't manage to find the right mission. As far as I remember the mission was not a big city, big manison or cathedral and there were no undead and spiders (I think). Best regards Esat
  4. Hi, guys! I just discovered the dark mod and found it fascinating but i'm running into a problem. The missions just don't appear as installed on the menu. The game recognizes the downloaded missions. I always choose to install, the game restarts but the "no missions installed" is always there. I always have to press the button again, but it will always go back to the menu just as i haven't installed it.
  5. Hi Everyone!, I'm no modder but I had this idea when I thought about the story line progression of the thief world. We all know the inventors guild creates code locked devices. It therefore makes sense that a rouge section of the inventors guild or an interrogated inventor or stolen coding systems is how a CRACKER and CRACKING would take place. This could introduce a new kind of thief character the CRACKER CRACKERS cause problems for inventors, builders, banks, organisations and threaten to force out the traditional thief by forcing an upskilling of the entire thief world. Consider the thieves guild maybe at war with the crackers guild who consider themselves contemporaries as oppose to the uneducated, haphazard traditional thieves CRACKING requires the thief finds coding systems and if he can locate the master code he can unlock an entire companies resources. CODED LOCKS spreading across the city supported by the Watch, the Builders, corporations as a response to the proliferation of thieves. Now affordable are propping up everywhere even on common furniture causing issues across the thieving world. Are the Code Inventors villains? -- Maybe it is possible for the code makers to be forcibly making criminal organisation monopolies by providing codes only to those who can pay enough to the right nobles, invention masters etc. Lots of ideas here for new story lines and game play. I hope it adds to something interesting for you guys.
  6. Hey Guys, Ive just a small query concerning bug reports for Fan Missions ! Is there a centralised place for reporting bugs, problems , improvements for a fan mission or do you need to contact the author directly and if so is there any way to easily find contact information for the author. ? The reason I ask is while playing through Saint Lucia I noticed a few minor 'immersion' breaking instances but didn't note them down. I'm now on my second mission 'A Night To Remember' by Fieldmedic and have encountered two issues. The first is while in the trophy room I crouched between a spear stand and a chair just to the right of the fireplace and got stuck there ! I could turn but not move away from the wall. It was like i was stuck to the chair or to the wall. Ultimately I reloaded my saved position which had to be in that position only to find i was still stuck ! I resolved the problem by using the mantle option to climb onto the chair but i think this needs to be addressed. ! The second issue was while outside the Master Bedroom. I noticed that the ghost or headless apparition had somehow become stuck on the protruding lamp mounted on the wall to the left of the double door leading into the Master Bedroom. It was continuing to walk but was not moving ! A minor adjustment of the NPC path may resolve this. So that's it . I have an eye for detail and small issues like this really spoil the experience for me. I want perfection ! I also realise the great amount of time and effort has gone into these Fan Missions and can see how small issues such as these can be overlooked. However I still respect all that has been achieved.
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