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Found 6 results

  1. ============================================================== Title: Hidden Hands: The Anomaly Filename : hhta.pk4 Author: Jack Farmer Date of release: 01.05.2021 (version: 1) - 08.05.2021 (version 2) EFX: Yes Version 1 available via the DM mission downloader Version 2 available here https://we.tl/t-P1eLXUR0Mh (upload to mirros will be carried out at around May, 14th due to infrastructure updates, see subsequent post below for changes) Mission does not run under 2.08 due to missing new core assets - please update to 2.09 ===================================
  2. Hi everyone, I would like to try this fantastic game and I would like to start with training mission but neither Thedarkmod.com missions links are available and no missions server into the game. Could you create some links to download that mission or explain me a solution to fix the conexion with missions server into the game? I am running on Arch Linux. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello dear TDM community, I started to play TDM in 2020 again and I wanted to find a mission I enjoyed a lot in 2016 I guess. I don't know much about the mission anymore, all I know is that it blew my mind. There were somehow many in game cuts, story jumps and probably also time travel. I hope I am not wrong but there was also some snow. It was a long story tellling. The protagonist found out about the fate of some people, what happened to them, when they died etc. And I think the player jumped in time some times. I think this was all in one mission (same file). At some point I could
  4. Hi, guys! I just discovered the dark mod and found it fascinating but i'm running into a problem. The missions just don't appear as installed on the menu. The game recognizes the downloaded missions. I always choose to install, the game restarts but the "no missions installed" is always there. I always have to press the button again, but it will always go back to the menu just as i haven't installed it.
  5. Hi Everyone!, I'm no modder but I had this idea when I thought about the story line progression of the thief world. We all know the inventors guild creates code locked devices. It therefore makes sense that a rouge section of the inventors guild or an interrogated inventor or stolen coding systems is how a CRACKER and CRACKING would take place. This could introduce a new kind of thief character the CRACKER CRACKERS cause problems for inventors, builders, banks, organisations and threaten to force out the traditional thief by forcing an upskilling of the entire thief world. Consider t
  6. Hey Guys, Ive just a small query concerning bug reports for Fan Missions ! Is there a centralised place for reporting bugs, problems , improvements for a fan mission or do you need to contact the author directly and if so is there any way to easily find contact information for the author. ? The reason I ask is while playing through Saint Lucia I noticed a few minor 'immersion' breaking instances but didn't note them down. I'm now on my second mission 'A Night To Remember' by Fieldmedic and have encountered two issues. The first is while in the trophy room I crouched between a spear stand
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