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Found 10 results

  1. Recently a thought came to my mind, for which I wanted to ask the people here nicely of their experience with Minecraft. For me, I never bought or played the game, but the videos and media that you can see on the internet about what people created is really appealing. I was wondering if there's a way to create medieval buildings and castles to play as a thief against hostile NPCs. This seems like an alternative to build little adventures withoud Dromed or Dark Radiant. But as I said, I don't know much about Minecraft itself. I did a few googles and saw, there was a "sneaking mode" mod and also a bunch of medieval texture mods, some even with story modes. Are there any Minecraft players here? Can you tell if there's a way for a thief / tdm experience both in play and level creation? Please feel free to share your experience!
  2. Hi all, We are an indie developer currently working on a stealth game called Winter Ember. Winter Ember is heavily inspired by the Thief series. I would love to see my fellow stealth fans check out it out and let me know what you think! The Steam page has gone live, please check it out! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1417880/Winter_Ember/ Cheers, Rob
  3. When I passed first mission in Thief Gold I have both ave to how team recreate middle age in video game, but also some pet peeves. Mostly with paintings being mix and match of different styles and technology, which I do not blame TTLG for that, sometimes stuff should be made not how they look like, but how we want to see them. For The Dark Mod, I cant tell 'problems' like that in general, since every mission is individual and made with passion from fans to fans. Of course The Dark Mod and Thief series took place in own universe and its mix of eras and technology, but why not daydreaming about make the setting for arts and crafts part of universe more clear? Discovering great ideas and switch lack of knowing subject with something more accurate. Architecture and interiors. What I remember from classes, and exhibitions 'how ppl live before' etc. 'Old' mansions and villas were built differently than how we see big house today. And Im curious if its possible to make historically accurate mansion/or replica of existing one and still from map design eye it will be okay for player to navigate through and keeping the standard of letting player walk the route how they want. I don't have bigger problems with churches. In general churches looks great in all games, probably because the form of christian church is recognizable enough and its hard to not make it bad for first sight. The cathedral and hammerite complex from ruined district from TDP/TG was made very reliable. I wish to see a church with painted walls, and decoration on rooftop, like a lot of gothic churches had, or strict middle age church by construction. The Angel Watch building is another story, what I love is fact Karras not also is a engineering genius, and sick man who made his own cult, but also he hired great interior designer who made Angel Watch art deco futuristic(according how mostly The City looks like) interiors, probably intimidating for anyone who isn't open for new aesthetic. Very brave choice. The streets and city plan, I have actually a very little idea how it should look good. I mean we are all imagine streets as small dirty with back alleys and buildings grew one on another to keep a lot of ppl in small space. Textures/colors/patterns Thief did GREAT job with it for me, colorful mansions, starry sky on ceiling, reds greens yellows and blue going together. I feel like TDM is more XIX century than middle age in here, but I'm not sure about it. Furnitures, I have very little knowledge on this field probably there are things off... But box-beds are pretty cute, they existed since late middle age and still existed in XIX century interiors. Arts and crafts. The eras are pretty wide and wild with painting topics, in Thief we can spot some paintings did for this game(like The Order of Hammer God vs Trickster) but also paintings from middle age to not sure if not XVII-XVIII century art. While I will ignore about the technology of painting changed in that time, it pet peeves me from subject of paintings. Different fashion subjects were popular in those times, heck even perception of artist changed. The Dark Mod its more close and clear with paintings, even artworks are from different eras. The choose of portraits, landscapes and some historical/storytelling scenes makes more sense at first sight. The technology for stained glass in Thief its more XIX century, a lot of detail but also work which goes with payment, seems Order of Hammer is pretty generous with commissioning. I had class from stained glass and even making wobbly middle age rip off needs a lot of effort to make a drawing and not making big mess of color blobs. I don't remember/payed attention to look at stained glass in TDM. Tapestry, oh boy oh boy, its clear the one who choose them in Thief did not see one in museum or gallery. These are huuuge, 3-4 meters, and each one had a lot of details. The game did not bring the size of them. I do not talk about the tapestry made for game, but the one from existing one, like The Lady and The Unicorn series Sculpture I remember is weakly exposed in Thief series. Due to game engine in first two games the sculptures are very boxy and simple with composition, and middle age like when it comes to amount of drapery to character features. TDM have bust portraits and some small sculptures If I remember? About tombstones and grave sculptures, its complicated(because it touches more about how society sees the death and funeral) but lets say its alright, though could be more detail about making floor and walls in churches fulfilled with tombstones with sleeping man. -- I didn't count Thief Deadly Shadows because I remember it very poorly to talk about it. Probably there are more but I forgot, sounds like opportunity to go through some missions. As last note, I am after years of history of art class in high school, and some in college, I don't remember probably a lot but why not start the topic. And as its more or less clear English isn't my first language, and I want to apologize for grammar errors in this textwall.
  4. I came across this video the other day, posted on Ars Technica. He talks about when they developed Thief: The Dark Project.
  5. I was wondering if anyone from the community or DarkMod team could make a Coop mode for the TheDarkMod? I was trying to do the coop mod with my friend on Thief II: The Metal Age and we didn't really understood it very good. So, is there anyway possible to make a coop mod that is easy to do and the community could make coop fan missions for? I would love to have a server browser but if you can't IP Address connecting would be fine too. Thanks to the people who reply to this new topic..
  6. I was wondering if anyone from the community or DarkMod team could make a Coop mode for the TheDarkMod? I was trying to do the coop mod with my friend on Thief II: The Metal Age and we didn't really understood it very good. So, is there anyway possible to make a coop mod that is easy to do and the community could make coop fan missions for? I would love to have a server browser but if you can't IP Address connecting would be fine too. Thanks to the people who reply to this new topic..
  7. It looks like our hero Mr. G. has morphed into some goblin. Looks interesting.
  8. Undoubtedly, some of you have already noticed the storm of articles from yesterday. A friend linked me a whole bunch and I figured I'd pass them on to you folks, in a manageable format. Watch out for spoilers though! I had to skip a good video with the devs, to save the story for my own playthrough. PlayStation Access - Thief on PS4 - New PlayStation 4 gameplay and interview "Nath talks to Thief's art and game director Nicolas Cantin about fan feedback, bringing back a classic, and making the most of Dualshock 4." Game On - Thief PREVIEW: new gameplay footage - The Breakdown "After resurrecting the long-dormant Deus Ex franchise Eidos Montreal set their sights on another of gaming's greatest series, Thief. We made the trip to an icy cold Canada to get some extended hands-on time with the game and meet the people behind the new title, which is out on February 28." Rev3Games - THIEF Hands-On! Adam Sessler's Gameplay Impressions youtu.be/xL97cuRMXQs "Adam got his hands on the first few hours of Thief, the upcoming game from Eidos Montreal - and he walked away with some interesting thoughts! Watch to see his impressions of this soon-to-come stealth title." Polygon - Thief’s latest preview highlights vast improvement "The last time we played Thief was at an event in October in New York. The build was riddled with problems. At the time, developer producer Joe Khoury said that while the game was "feature complete," it still needed a lot of polish. Recently, we had a chance to check out a more polished version of the game during an event in Sydney. The differences were striking." IGN - Thief: The Hardcore Options of Infiltration "Thief fell off the radar for a few years, and its return left many skeptical, but it’s a relief to see that it’s real, it works, and it has plenty of intelligent aspects that don’t ruin its stealth tradition." GameSpot - How Thief Is Returning to Its Stealth Roots - Preview "The sneaky Daniel Hindes gives us a preview of Eidos Montreal's Thief, and reveals how recent gameplay changes are helping to make it a stealth game for everybody. Featuring interviews with game director Nicolas Cantin" Gametrailers - Thief Preview "If stealing is wrong, we don't want to be right. Take what you can get from this hands-on preview." PlayStation Blog - Hands-on with Thief on PlayStation "Like its predecessors, Thief offers a wealth of different play opportunities for each and every mission. Take, for example, the aforementioned scene in the jewelers. Some players may practice patience and timing to move through the environment unseen. Others may silently dispatch the guards with Garrett’s handy club before proceeding. Others may extinguish every light and use the shadows to their advantage. Each play style is wholly valid, and rewarded at the end of the mission with bonuses." CapsuleComputers: Interview with Nic Cantin Hands-on with First Three Hours "All in all, I have got to say that Thief impressed me and I actually came away wanting to play more. The tone, the world, and the polished mechanics really appealed to me and conveyed a grand sense of self and place." VG24/7 - Garrett steps out of the shadows as pacifist or predator "Having recently spent several hours working through the first four chapters of Thief, I’ve been able to explore the mechanics, features and myriad tweakable game-play options that prove that, for better or worse, Thief is its own game with a different focus to Dishonored." Strategy Informer - Thief Preview "Some Thief series fans may still be worried, but this fan is optimistic. The story and the overall experience will be key to whether the game succeeds or fails, but I get the feeling that Eidos Montreal are pulling out all the stops to make Thief a great game." GameRevolution - Thief Preview "Ever the consummate professional, Garrett takes his thievery seriously, staying close to the shadows and holding a code of ethics that avoids the taking of life if at all possible. Besides, his roguish skills don't lend themselves to a handicapped match against the stalwart city watch." CrunchyRoll - One Last Pre-Release Look at "Thief" "A lot of people have been mentioning Dishonored, and while there are similarities (emphasis on stealth, a plague, corrupt guards, a powerful lord, and a crazy old lady living in the slums), I've gotta say that actually playing the game feels different." Destroctoid - Preview: The first four hours of Thief "It's very clear that the developers at Eidos Montreal spent the last year looking at their game and fine tuning it with fan feedback and criticisms in mind. Even after his long absence, Garrett still has got some neat tricks up his sleeve. If you're of an open mind and willing to try out this new take on a classic series, you may find more to like about it than you think." PCGamesN - Hands on with Thief — a preview of the game's opening four chapters "At this stage however Thief feels erratic, a stealth game that often forgets its business and lapses into mindless, action-based tomfoolery. But at times, when the atmosphere and sense of place coalesce into a nostalgia stinkbomb, you’ll still get a hefty guff of the series’ DNA."
  9. As we all have a lot of questions and impressions of what we've seen from 'Thief', I figured it would be beneficial for us all, to get some of the information straightened out. (I'll make sure to edit and update key points, with everything being in reference to the links provided.) Key points: -Almost all of the HUD/UI can be disable individually by the player. -There is going to be an 'Oldschool mode', which limits the players HUD/UI similar to the old Thief games. -The 'shroud effect' in the videos, is a placeholder version, not the final result. -The 'lightgem' is still in the game, in addition to the shroud effect. -The 'hands' are an essential part of the design. -There is an XP system and a loot system. -XP is used to upgrade Garrett's skills. -Loot is used to buy Garrett's equipment upgrades, extra arrows, tools, etc. -The XP earned is heavily dependent on stealth, not aggression/combat. -Rope arrows are limited to certain spots. -The game-play demos are not scripted, they are rehearsed to showcase the game and features. -Thief(2014) "..-Is not a sequel or prequel to the previous series, it is a re-invention of the Thief franchise, which means narratively, it's very different." -Focus has it's introduction via a storyline placement, early in the game, relating to 'Garrett's Eye'. -The 'Focus feature' can be disabled before starting a new game. It may be made possible to re-enable it, but at the expense of the achievement for completing the game without -Health and Focus does not regenerate, the player has to find pick-ups and consumables. -Focus is not intended as a 'win-button', but an ability to briefly highlight objectives or boost stealth, lock-picking, pick-pocketing or combat skills. -It's primarily a first-person game, with the exception of small segments where the camera goes third-person. -A lot of features for touch-pads and next-gen consoles are still in development. -Lock-picking animation will change when getting closer to the 'sweet-spot'. -Lock-picking can be done with the help of animation, sound, UI and focus assist. -Burning building sequence not an escape from a manor, from another part of the game entirely. That sort of thing supposedly very rare. -Simple blackjacking does not require a take-down button. -Unconscious guards can be woken up. -An action heavy approach would be very difficult. -Demo players found the guards to be very observant, and mentioned that: "If they suspect something is there they actually will change how they patrol the environment to include the area they saw." -Demo players weren't able to change actions "mid-animation". -The game pauses when you read things. -Garrett's eye can zoom, with a tint around the edges and a slight 'blur effect'. -"..-there is a post mission stats screen. It had total loot items vs how much was in the level as well as things like kills, knockouts, alerts, times caught, mission time, and a few challenges like “Ghost-..”" -"The shadows and light gem are not binary, but work on a gradient system. Likewise, the shadows were dynamic like in Deadly Shadows. You can hide in the shadow of guard, for example." -Focus seems to burn about 1% every 3 seconds. Actions performed while in focus, takes about 20% for an aimed arrow, 10% for a blackjack on a weak spot. -'Leaning' is contextual, and replaced by 'peaking'. The player can look up and around whatever object he's hiding behind, but not freely as in TDM. Videos from E3 2013: 10 minute full-screen game-play with commentary, by Daniel Windfeld Schmidt, Thief Lead Level Designer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0KS2Hm6_oM Game-play with commentary, by Stéphane Roy, Thief Producer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L67VurX81VI 33 minute video on stage with the gameplay demo, and commentary by Stéphane Roy, Thief Producer www.youtube.com/watch?v=5--ZKsAi5E0 (Can't hotlink more media links) Gamespot Newsroom review with Carolyn Petit and Jonathan Toyad: www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXZKBa-2xJE (Can't hotlink more media links) PCGamesHardware interview, with Daniel Windfeld Schmidt, Thief Lead Level Designer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrGSV6-EKHQ (Can't hotlink more media links) (Can't hotlink more media links) Reviews from E3 2013: http://ca.ign.com/ar...g-from-a-master - Detailed and colorful review, that describes the E3 Thief demo play-through experience, by Richard George Other articles: http://metro.co.uk/2...d-down-3847108/ - "Thief hands-on preview – stealing hearts (and anything else not nailed down)" http://www.gamesrada...ing-candy-baby/ - "Being a thief in Thief isnt easy stealing candy baby" http://www.gameinfor...t-stealing.aspx - "What Playing Thief Taught Me About Stealing" http://www.joystiq.c...creep-in-thief/ - "Be an old-school creep in Thief" http://www.officialp...ays-of-playing/ - "Thief 4 completable “without killing anyone”, will support “awkward ways of playing”" http://www.fmvmagazine.com/?p=16329 - "THIEF REBOOT IS “MORE NUANCED” THAN DISHONORED, SAYS EIDOS MONTREAL" http://www.rockpaper...e3-playthrough/ - "Thief: Eidos’ Words Vs My E3 Playthrough" http://sneakybastard...thief-hands-on/ - "Lay Thy Hammer Down: Thief Hands-On Preview" Other external forum threads: http://www.ttlg.com/...ad.php?t=141768 - A very detailed and extensive summery by "Chade". http://www.ttlg.com/...ad.php?t=141236 - a VERY LARGE collection of Thief related material. http://www.eidosforu...257#post1927257 - "We PLAYED THIEF at E3 – Ask us anything!" - A lot of good QA: ( http://www.eidosforu...57&postcount=19 ) http://www.eidosforu...6&postcount=117 - "Master Taffer" shares more insights from the E3 demo
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