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What is The Dark Mod?


We are primarily a group of Thief fans, disappointed there was going to be no editor for Thief: Deadly Shadows. Seeing Doom 3, we all thought it would be an excellent engine to create a Thief Style experience. To be a part of the team, you need to have some familiarity with the Thief games. Although a Thief 3 editor is a possibility now we will continue our work as we feel the D3 engine gives us even more freedom to create a Thief Style.


What do I do to join?


We're a fan project, so you won't recieve any sort of money for work you do on this project. We do this for love of the game, and to add to our own portfolios. ;) Dedication and a willingness to learn is very important. You must also be able to accept constructive criticism from team members.


To apply, first sign up as a member of our forum and then send an email to:



Please include some samples of your work in the email and also a brief description of the skills you are willing to lend to The Dark Mod. Please ensure the work you include is representative of your capabilities. :)


After I have reviewed your application, I will get back to you as quickly as possible.


We are currently interested in the following skills:

  • Model Skinners - We have many objects that need to be textured.
  • Animation - We have a lot of character models that need to be animated
  • Coding - AI or Physics Skills a huge plus.
  • Mapping - Familiarity with Doom 3 level editor and Thief series history.
  • Modeling - Characters, Objects
  • Sound - Ambience, sound effects.

**Please Note** Vocal Sets are being handled in house. No vocal set submissions please.


- New Horizon

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