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I am a newbie at DR. Last time I have touched Dromed was about 5 years ago and even I did released a couple of missions I was never good at it. Also I have no illusions I will ever be good with DR either. But I don't mind that. I loved working with Dromed and now that I have found that DR is allive and kicking I am gonna give it a go at it.

So I am new at DR and following the wiki tutorials and started with A - Z Beginner Full Guide.

At current stage I am at page 2 and noticed that there are some things different from the version of DR that I am using. (DarkRadiant 1.2.2) and I guess from the time of writing the tutorials.

For example to create an entity it says: RMB menu > Create Entity > darkmod > AI > Non-combat > atdm:ai_townsfolk_male1

However in my version of DR I don't have the submenu Non-Comat but I do have RMB menu > Create Entity > darkmod > AI >Townsfolk>atdm:ai_townsfolk_commoner


I would like to offer my service to edit these things as I go on with the tutorials and offer some suggestions from a newbie perspective. And with that I have a question that comes with it.

If I make an account on wiki can I edit articles without someone revieuwing it? Because I don't want that. 1 - the tutorial has been written within a certain perspective and therefore my suggestion might not fit, 2 - English is not my native tongue as I am sure you have noticed by now.

Second question, would you even want this kind of help? I don't want it to cause more trouble then it is worth so if you are not intrested in it that is perfectly fine as well.



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I would say yes - go for it. Thanks for offering. Everything is dynamic and as you have found, there are changes since information is added to the wiki so they do need updating now and again. Small adjustments such as you describe are not likely to be disastrous. But be reluctant to make extensive changes to what is already there - I mean don't go heavily rewriting an article just because you think it should be written differently unless the author agrees first. Instead, you are free to do a new article covering or extending the same ground but from a different style or viewpoint. More than one tutorial on the same topic is often good. You can also include links.

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