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Character Modeler, Normal Mapper

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Hey everyone, I visit this place alot and have recently started wanting to mod. I use maya and photoshop. I know how to create normal maps, I can layout UV's (without a fuss!) I'm pretty much just interested in characters, though I can create the UV maps for the objects if need be. I can work on texture maps as well, but their not my strong point. My msn is sanguine_fate@hotmail.com


here's some pics from my site (Coronach.org) there's also some texture examples, and photoshop pictures there too.


high poly head



highpoly hands



normal mapped head




I kept reading on this forum that you guys had all the modelers you need right now, and then I read on moddb that you were still looking, so I figured I'd sign up here and see if my services would be welcomed. :)

I'm going to live forever, or die trying.

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