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DarkRadiant 1.7.0 available!


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I'm proud to announce that DarkRadiant 1.7.0 is ready for download. With this version a massive amount of improvements is made available, next to the usual long list of bugfixes. A fully-fledged Particle Editor, real-time render preview, increased map loading performance, reduced memory consumption and many improvements related to layers, to name the most important changes over the previous release.


Download DarkRadiant from our website: http://darkradiant.sourceforge.net/. Huge thanks go out to the patient pre-release testers!


Important: with this release Windows users will need to install a newer redistributable package in order to run this release:

The list of changes can be found on the website: Full list of changes and on our bugtracker changelog.


As usual, please report any bugs or feature requests here in these forums, following these guidelines:

  • Bugs (including steps for reproduction) can go directly on the tracker. When unsure about a bug/issue, feel free to ask.
  • Feature requests should be suggested (and possibly discussed) here in these forums before they may be added to the tracker.

As probably not everybody is reading the changelogs, here is the summary of changes:



New Features / Changes

  • Always-on active layer and related functionality. One is able to specify the active layer by Ctrl-Clicking on a layer button.
  • Improved map loading performance.
  • The Entity List can be configured to show visible elements only.
  • Added "Filter All" and "Filter None" to Filters menu
  • A backup of the .darkradiant file is created now when saving a map.
  • Particle Editor
  • Particle Previewer: added auto-loop mode
  • New feature: MD5 Animation Preview
  • Added support for editor_color directives
  • Added real-time render mode to camera view
  • Many D3 shader keywords are now recognised, added support for translate, scale and other time-dependent stages in materials
  • Added the ability to filter on entity spawnargs
  • Add support for Objective Conditions to Objectives Editor plugin
  • Add "Select elements using this shader" option to MapInfoDialog > Shader Info.
  • The Entity Inspector is showing the Primitive and Entity number for the selected item



  • Fixed: Clipping a worldspawn brush in layer A will make the new clipped brush disappear if the preferred layer is not visible.
  • Fixed: Delete Node + Delete Layer + Undo leaves node in invalid layer ID.
  • Fixed: When degenerate brushes are present in the scene, layer information corruption can occur on next map load.
  • Fixed: In .darkradiant files, some nodes might be assigned to non-existent layers.
  • Fixed: New entities not going into expected layer.
  • Fixed: Selecting items in a layer also selects hidden ones
  • Fixed: Brushes, patches, entities, etc. change layers on their own.
  • Fixed: Entities with models in their def ("eclassmodels") are created in the Default layer
  • Fixed: Partice Editor Input Fields not properly keeping direct input
  • Fixed: Transparent Decal texture invisable when selected
  • Fixed: Translucent textures not visible when selected
  • Fixed: Placing a background image in grid window is broken
  • Fixed: key names are getting cut off in editor_setKeyValue spawnargs



  • Generate color picker for "ambient_light" property
  • ASE export script could skip caulk
  • Scripts can use the ModelDefVisitor interface now

Coding / Internal Design

  • EntityClassManager module is using a lot of memory.
  • Fedora libboost_system-mt linker error.
  • Upgrade to Boost 1.47
  • Added support for multiple scenegraphs
  • Resolved: Brush::buildBRep() performs ColourScheme Manager lookups
  • Slow Registry and ColourScheme lookups in Light render methods
  • Streamlined model and skin handling for entities
  • Fixed a compilation error in g++ 4.5.2

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