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TDM 1.07 released!

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To get the update, just run your tdm_update.exe file or see our website for more info: http://www.thedarkmod.com. The download size for upgrading 1.06 to 1.07 is about 184 MB, a fresh download will be about 2 GB.




TDM 1.07 has quite some new stuff in it, next to the usual slew of bugfixes there are a lot of improvements to AI and mission localisation. Last but not least vine arrows make their first public appearance and are now available to mappers.


- Added fonts for foreign languages like Russian and German.

- Vine Arrows

- AI are noticing ropes

- Improved AI door handling and behaviour.

- Adjustments to mines

- Steam users: Fixed FM not staying installed and Saved games not running

- ...and more, the full changelog can be found on our wiki: http://wiki.thedarkm...new_in_TDM_1.07


Note: While missions are fully compatible with this release, you can NOT load any previously saved games after updating to 1.07. If you're in the middle of playing a mission, you might want to finish it before updating.


Note 2: This release does not take advantage of the recent Doom 3 GPL source code release yet, the requirements to run this game are still as with previous releases.


No torrent? Since the differential update mechanism has been activated, the torrent download stats have been more and more decreasing, therefore no 1.07 torrent is available at the moment. Please let us know in the forums if there is a need for a torrent.

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