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Weightpainter needed!


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So I made this head model in 3ds max, but the md5 importer / exporter / my 3ds max has problems with the bones however. This results in strange ingame face poses which I can't get rid of.

I tried around with this the last two weeks and I can't get it to work. I even build a new skeleton for the head but ran into the same problems.


Since I can't find the solution and I don't want all the invested time to get down the drain I want to ask if there's someone who can weight the bones to the mesh for me? Otherwise I'm afraid this head won't make it into TDM.


I wished I found out the problem so that I could make more heads, but it seems to be a very strange 3ds max specific error I guess. But hopefully at least this one head will make it ingame.

I can export into many different formats.





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Well, if anyone else can help it would be appreciated.


This has GOT to be a bone orientation problem. Typical of Y up (lightwave is I believe, and maya, both I think were used in the production of ai) being imported into a Z up program (3dsMax).


Every game I've used had these issues. Doom3 is better because you can export mash and anim from either type of program and they work fine. In this case I think it's the link between the Z up mesh export and the Y up anim.



I was able to skin the verts the the head bone (I imported an alcolyte rig) and it is pretty good, though her head is tlited down so her chin is touching her chest. By rotating the head bone forward 15* and reskinning her head stay looking up in the proper position.


But once verts are rigged to the jaw bone it gets ugly. It seems that not only is the rotation off (I have rotated the bone so her jaw is in the 'correct rotation') but it is also out in front of her face and up too high no matter what. So it basically sits in front of her eyes.


I've even rebuilt the rig from scratch and get the same results. So it has to be the tie in from the Y up anims.


Md5 exporter doesn't have a Y up tag. I did export my new rig as an FBX with Z up AND Y up options and the Y up reimport/md5 export had better results. But basically the same as above, when just importing the alcolyte rig and skinning to it.



So I'm calling it quits, have spent several days plugging away at this to no avail. Anyone else with a Y up 3d program wanna skin?

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Well :( In case someone wants to have a look or try this out here are the files. Hopefulyl someday someone can help out putting it into TDM as an enrichement.


Filedownload here

"Einen giftigen Trank aus Kräutern und Wurzeln für die närrischen Städter wollen wir brauen." - Text aus einem verlassenen Heidenlager

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