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A few days ago I downloaded the latest TDM.

Today I downloaded 3 missions and I went straight to the video settings and set the screen to 1920x1080 -(I should have chosen 1920x1200 but my monitor does both)


The screen stopped and I got a "no video input" message which is my ACER monitor's default message for not connected.


CTR ALT DEL would not get me a screen back so I had to turn off power and let it reboot.

Everything is good.

But, if I run TDM the same thing happens after I click TDM I immediately get the "no video input" message again and the screen loses all touch with the system.

I have to switch off power and turn on again -it reboots fine.


I looked in all the files (in TDM folder) that had today's date on them but could not find a reference to resolution.


I'm working with:

Windows 7.1 64bit

Acer X263W 1920x1200 (recommended res. to use).

Gforce GT 430

6GB ram

Intel core2 quad 2.50ghz cpu


I want to be able to get back to changing the res for TDM but cannot as I lose the video.... any suggestions?

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Try deleting your Darkmod.cfg and letting the game rebuild it. You should be able to choose the correct resolution then.

Thanks, that did allow me access but I'll be damned if I can 'see' the blurry resolutions but I know what i have do now so thank you for the quick and correct answer.

I'll fix it later.

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Yes it now is as clear as a bell!

Again, Thanks for the tip.

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