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Grappling Hook (donation/help Required)

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No disappointment...just means I have to do more research, I was just hoping for a point in the right direction :)


So if you have any suggestions on where I can start looking as far as if it should be just a model a new entity with a func_rope entity attached to it...or anything it'd help, but till then it's just alot more research for me :P

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If it helps, idChain is defined in /src/game/AFEntity


(It stands for articulated figure entity)


Also an interesting function you might want to look at to make the rope is:

void idChain::BuildChain( const idStr &name, const idVec3 &origin, float linkLength, float linkWidth, float density, int numLinks, bool bindToWorld )


Apparently it needs the density to do a realistic hanging chain (ie, chain with heavier links is going to hang differently). So if you want nice behavior, you should put in the density of rope. I don't know that number off the top of my head :)


I think I posted the density of modern nylon ropes somewhere in our private forums, but you probably want the density of medieval ropes which I guess were hemp or something.


Also, I think origin is where it hangs down from.

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@Dram: good idea with the crane! I totally forgot about that level...I'm gonna load it up and take a look at it again.


@Domarius & Ishtvan: Thanks for the tips, I had a feeling it would end up being an af, and I was actually look at the idChain earlier today, and I stumbled upon an env_rope that is already in the code! However they removed the mesh files for it...so I can't get it to load to see how it works or even if it works


I've also been reading through the different script functions and I think I may have found some stuff that will help me to get the swing working...and I have a pretty solid idea of how to get the hook to check for a proper place to grab onto the level...but it's still just all an idea with a few sketched concepts. I'll be sure to let you guys know as more unfolds :)

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That's so very nice of oDDity. (make sure it does'nt have the oDD-virus which takes over your computer and disables all saving in games, etc and makes AI have 200000000000 health) :P

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