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Bioluminescent Mushrooms

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Moving this over to the "Concept Art" section, per Springheel.



Not sure if this will help the modelers, but here's a quick concept of some mushrooms I drew a while back for our Mod:




As my notes say, my idea for them was that they:

* Would be bioluminescent.

* Would go dimmer/darker for a period of time whenever they sense movement within the proximity of their root system (a self-defense measure). Or, we could do the reverse of this if we wanted. Or neither. --I was just brainstorming some ideas with this. You remember that Aztec type of level in T2 where there were some cool blue ceiling lights that would illuminate when you got close to them? I was imagining the same for these, only the reverse. Or we could make them do just like those Aztec lights and brighten up.

* Could be chopped down with the short sword. If you don't want all bioluminescent mushrooms to be "chop downable," then we could create a variety where it's visually obvious they can't be chopped down.


I can work on a colorized version later, if you want? Just wanted to get this in here in case it helps.


PS: Don't pay attention to that rectangular block above the shrooms. That's a sketch for something different (the base of a bust).

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Great, but perhaps better not glowing quite as much as glass mushrooms filled with neon gas would.

I think mushrooms would glow to attract small insects, not to attract light aircraft :/

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That's cool and I appreciate the comments, but I'm getting the feeling that people don't really understand the purpose of concept artwork. Or maybe I don't understand the purpose of it for Dark Mod :) Concept artwork often exaggerates elements such as lighting and color.


My understanding and desire when I first joined the team was to inspire the modelers to do what they will. It's not like concept drawings get used in-game. Modelers and mappers have to be more critiqued because the end-result of what they're doing will be in-game. If every piece of concept artwork needs to be spot-on perfect, or re-worked until it pleases 75%+ of the group from an artistic standpoint (this arm is out of proportion, there should be one more window, this mushroom glows too brightly, his hair shouldn't be as messed up, etc.), then there's little incentive to do any at all.


I know you're all probably trying to help, but it does little good, IMO, to nitpick things like this in concept artwork. (Add a window here, make it less bright there...) I know I've been reluctant to do more stuff than I have because I don't want to re-work art that doesn't really need to be re-worked. My feelings for much of our concept art is take it or leave it, but don't nitpick. It's not like I'm working on the final in-game model or something. Most things taken from our initial concepts to final in-game product end up being different anyways. Should we nitpick and say, "That model looks nothing like our initial concept artwork"? (Garrett's outfit changed from Springheel's initial concept, etc.)


The lighting of 3-D modeled mushrooms is something that I assume will be handled in-game. E.g., bump the luminosity number up/down or something. It's not something we need to worry about, I don't think, from a concept drawing level.


Here's some critiquing that could've gone on for past Thief games, considering what the game actually has and what the concepts show...


I think this holy flask has too much metal on it and wasn't used like this in-game:

Holywater Flask


This looks like it has a blow torch:

Noise Suppressor


This Garrett looks like a rock creature:



This water arrow looks like a comet:

Water Arrow


I think Garrett looks too girly here:

Garrett Concept


In the end, please take concept artwork or leave it. If you don't want something to be modeled, like if I made mechanical mushrooms, then say so. That's different. But to take something we know we'll have a need for and to say, "Hmm, I wish they weren't as bright" -- then that's bordering pointless, imo :) Just my opinion though.


I didn't have to colorize them at all and we would've been fine. I take a few hours to colorize them for fun and I get bitten. You see where I'm coming from? B) Not sure if Springheel or GIMG agree or not.

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Calm down, Darkness Falls. We were just discussing the concept art and throwing ideas around, not criticising your work. When I said 'needs to be toned down' I was referring to the end product rather than the picture you had drawn. Isn't inspiring that kind of discussion the purpose of concept art? :)

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LOL :) Okay, okay. Just be sensitive to us (or me) tender concept artists ;) Critiquing can be good, just as long as you don't expect me to re-work them. As long as we have that up-front, I'm good. Sorry for misunderstanding, oDDity; no worries. I like sarcasm and fecetiousness, in general, so don't stop.

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