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Scattering tool a la Hammer 2014 ?

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This video is about Warcraft. ;)

FM's: Builder Roads, Old Habits, Old Habits Rebuild

WIP's: Several. Although after playing Thief 4 I really wanna make a city mission.

Mapping and Scripting: Apples and Peaches

Sculptris Models and Tutorials: Obsttortes Models

My wiki articles: Obstipedia

Texture Blending in DR: DR ASE Blend Exporter

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Painting landscape like that is very cool, but I've no idea how it could be implemented. Scattering of models through a pre-defined area (such as a collection of brushes) could be done by a python script. Which can use the Floor Selection command to settle the models (plus SEED is already available to do it at run time rather than design time).

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Well, I am not talking about making terrains. I am talking about selecting entities (or models), setting randomness and parameters, and "painting" them over brushes/meshes in DR. SEED is only for TDM, and it's procedural thing - designer has no control over placement and other factors.


I am thinking the core issue is that DR would need a new way of navigating CAM view. Like pressing and holding Alt would allow navigating it, and otherwise you can edit your scene while in CAM view.

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So you have a grid and a random number generator. A size adjustment for the size of the grid and the density of the placement. Sounds doable on flat surfaces. On non-flat surfaces you have to map the placement grid to a mesh and then rotate the models according to the normal vector of each triangle on the mesh.

eg: original.jpg

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You can't adjust size on models in idTech 4, thus you can't scale it in DR. So size is a constant. Rotations and location are the only variables, and grouping, and whether to follow normal vector, or stay vertical/horizontal with some deviation. With random factor on all these variables.

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