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  1. The preferences still have a few oddities about them, see attached the left pannel with the option category and the game dropdown is hidden as it's trying to be too wide. Not sure if it's a bug or doom3demo but a lot of textures do not display in the editor correctly. I will guess they have shader stages causing an issue of some sort. Often they show up as normal maps in the material preview section if they work at all which is a bit odd. I had a lot of trouble with the "texture tool", If you resize the window it will often go black permanently, some sizes work it appears to be a bit ran
  2. Sounds interesting, actually. Usually files are organised by their type in folders etc Eg wall, floor, model textures so a drag and drop would need to 1.) ask where to put the file 2.) search the dragged source directory for the other textures spec, normal diffuse depending which is dragged if they are available, if not ask where they are. 3.) generate a basic *.mtr file and provide a dropdown menu of additional properties you can add to the material (the most common ones being most obvious) I'm quite a noob when it comes to C++ but I could have a look it and see if it's doable if there's
  3. A big improvement this time. Good job, a lot of the biggest bugs have been squashed. When you start up the editor the 2d view is corrupted with the black area until you move the view. (this appears without composition enabled) Searching in the entity creator isn't working, it matches "light" with something unrelated entirely for instance (I know about the shortcut it's an example) Filters applied in the choose model can apply to the editor in general, which does not look like intended behaviour, filter brushes for instance and the whole map disappears! Same goes of entities etc... when
  4. "Could not locate map format module." error when saving a map. EDIT: Further investigation showed this to only be a problem when "doom3demo" was set as the game-type, when doom3 was set the problem went away. I could not replicate the model viewer problem in doom3 demo's content so i'll assume that was a materials problem.
  5. A lot of people who use blender like sharing their creations under very permissive licences, take a look at some I found earlier: http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/2422 http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/2324 http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/1902 http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/1840 http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/1757 http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/1767 http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/1639 http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/1461 Have an explore under the "Durian" category especially. http://www.blendswap.com/category/durian/page:18
  6. So you have a grid and a random number generator. A size adjustment for the size of the grid and the density of the placement. Sounds doable on flat surfaces. On non-flat surfaces you have to map the placement grid to a mesh and then rotate the models according to the normal vector of each triangle on the mesh. eg:
  7. Just got the doom3 demo to test that. Noticed the "entity editor window" bottom left defaults to a size smaller than it's contents. On the doom3 demo and other content I noticed the model preview does not work File saving appears to be buggy. First I created some lights, then reloaded the file to find they were filtered out so disabled the filter. Then played with them some more and saved it. Upon reloading the entities appeared unchanged. This was true with func_static models and geometry too they did not appear to be saved either. It was not always the case though, when the filename was ch
  8. Sensible default option? I have had significant problems with getting a working "def" file because I have a custom game not anything ID. When I get lights to show up they project a strange specular colour (though correct normal and diffuse). When reloading the map the lights appear to still be there but are not visible in the 2d/3d views as entities I think a lot of my problems are def file related, do you have a working set of Def files I could use?
  9. Strange behaviour is present with the 2D grid: Deleting brushes can leave the "size bars" behind until the grid view is updated (scrolling or moving) Moving the camera in 3d is not reliably updated on the 2d grid (Some of the code works though: If the user uses the middlemouse on the 2d view to rotate the camera the view updates as it should and so does the camera.) It is hard to see models or brushes on the default darkradiant theme in the 2d grid (see below)
  10. OK, I might have a go at those dependencies then. On my laptop I have windows 7 I found the browse for folder when selecting the game DIR was not able to appear on the "first run" of the editor. This works fine when you have ignored the first run window and access it from inside the editor. Darkradiant preferences you can shrink the window and the text becomes hidden and no scroll appears so options are hidden, some by default. When loading ASE or LWO files (when set in quake4 mode) the model viewer causes the program to crash.
  11. I've noticed that since 1.8x and the switch to VC++12, I have not been able to get darkradiant to start on XP SP3, investigating. I have VC++12 and 13 installed as well as various windows sdks EDIT: It appears to be a solvable problem with VC++12 and "multitargeting" xp and later versions of windows, see here: more details are here: http://stackoverflow...754251#14754251 Filing a bug report.
  12. I checked the Trunk SVN and compiled the latest build, I was having issues with the model viewer in Darkradiant, it can load MD3 geometry but no texture information is applied. I assume this is what causes the program to crash when you try and insert such a model into the editor. Md5ain models fair better in the viewer and are textured but cause the program to crash upon inserting them into the editor. Linux compile 23/03/13 trunk
  13. I noticed that the material file extension is not being read from the *.game configuration file, instead darkradiant assumes the materials files are *.mtr, the game I wish to edit for uses *.shader files. Also I am on linux and I wondered if darkradiant can be made case insensitive in the filepaths it uses as there are many issues with the editor not finding shaders from some contributers because of unusual capitalisation on the "scripts" or "Scripts" and many other directories (eek) from the many contributors <filesystem> <shaders> <basepath>Scripts&
  14. Here are the source files, that should help you a lot more than that. ( a high polygon version is hidden on layer 1, reveal it with ALT H to bake normals.) I was just having fun, I hope someone finds it useful. You have complete freedom to use it however you wish. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7244043/darkrad.zip The low polygon version could do with a clean up I did it quite quickly.
  15. I thought I would have a go at making a model of it and here it is: Its ~500 tris which is perhaps too much so I think i will just make a normal map using the high poly mapped to a plane and then use that instead. If you could link me the diffuse and normal texture you would like on the wall that would be good I can use them to bake AO onto and add some texture specific detail to the normals.
  16. A stain glass window I took earlier with a bit of persistance, its really quite tough to get a shot which is niether over exposed or underexposed here and not blurred without a tripod... I think I managed it! http://dl.dropbox.co...es/SDC11010.JPG Public domain any use, cut it out and make a texture. Some addtional pics: http://dl.dropbox.co...es/SDC10999.JPG http://dl.dropbox.co...es/SDC11002.JPG http://dl.dropbox.co...es/SDC11014.JPG http://dl.dropbox.co...es/SDC11015.JPG http://dl.dropbox.co...es/SDC11016.JPG http://dl.dropbox.co...es/SDC10960.JPG
  17. Joining the dots, it seems its an ase model problem the surface names are being truncated so what was originally in the ase: *BITMAP "\\models\terrain\fueldump3.tga" is read as: dels/models/fueldump3 in the editor according to the log file and the model viewer LWO models load fine.
  18. My bad I have about 5 versions on this computer and its a problem with an older one its not present in pre4. Sorry about the mix up.
  19. I absolutely love the texturetool Ive been testing it a fair bit, filed a new report on some minor issues. Generally new users to radiant are often caught out when setting the paths Wehn setting the "paths" the "browse" option gives win32 paths with the \ slash when the / slash is required or the program crashes, could it be made so radiant can accept either or that "browse" gives the correct / slash.
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