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I could use little help with SS2 on Linux...


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Hi guys, i just decided to replay System Shock 2 again B) , this time on Linux as this is what i use atm.

First, i got troubles making mods work but already figured it out (Blue Mod manager was the answer).

What i am having issues with is Psi abilities. On my previous playthroughs, i never used them. But i want to explore

this feature now, and this is where i need some guidance. Few questions follow:

1. How do i actually get these abilities when i am already into the game (i have chosen these "courses" at the beginning blindly, because i was simultaneously testing the mods and editing .cfg), so i am a marine IIRC, without any Psi abilities. Does that mean i will not be able to use Psi at all ? Or do i get the chance later on ?

2. If i am left with combat abilities only because being marine, how can i cheat these abilities ? I can't get to the console, no matter what. I have tried every key and combinations with Shift, to no avail. I have also tried setting console to my "0" key

with "bind 0 edit_command" in user.cfg, but console doesn't show up. Google didn't helped, so i suspect this being Linux issue. And because this is only forum that has lots of Linux users and SS fans i know of, i thought i may ask here :ph34r:

So, Linux users, is your console in SS2 working ? If so, how do you do it ?


My relevant specs: LinuxMint 17.3 x64, Latest SS2 v2.1.1.20 (GOG),running though Wine 1.6.2




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Thanks for reply, freyk. I'm afraid its not my language settings, as i tried to press all the keys on my keyboard and their combinations with Shift.

Besides, i am aware of that ttlg thread, and neither Ctrl+P nor binding console to different key in user.cfg works for me, which leads me to believe it may be an issue with Wine. A lot of times, some features in games running through Wine won't work, even if game itself works fine.

Thats why i want to hear from Linux users here, who have SS2 installed, if their console is working.


Its not even about console anyway, if i can get Psi abilities other way (or later in game), please let me know. I don't plan to cheat, i just don't understand how Psi works in that game, and don't want to start from beginning again, i already started twice due to breaking the game while trying to mod it.





Ah, silly me.

I just found PSI upgrade unit. Problem solved :D

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