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Dishonored 2: Tweaks and Settings

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  • Dishonored 2 is 79.99 on Steam right now.

The first twenty or so reviews I read all complained about it...and isn't that the point of this thread in the first place?

  • Don't buy game direct on steam unless you have to, go somewhere like here instead - its listed on here for $40 canadian

Remind what your CPU, GPU, RAM are?

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Dishonored 2 is 59.99 on steam right now in US. Oh you're in Canada? That should still be the same as any AAA game basically ever costs though when it comes out on Steam.

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In terms of performance tweaks, I have the official minimum specs and think I might have found something helpful.


First of all, I think this game isn't really optimized for "fixed" graphic settings on any platform, on lower-end systems in particular. You can use settings below as a base for further tweaks, if your hardware is capable enough.


- Set your screen resolution as you like, although try to go with 1080p or lower (I used 1080p). Full screen is fine.

- Presets: set it to Auto. It will probably set everything to very low.

- Turn off Vsync, use Frame limiter instead, set it to 30 FPS.

- Set Adaptive resolution to Always, set either Balanced or Quality. In my case Quality was ok.

- Set Anti-aliasing to TXAA, set the Sharpening slider somewhere in the middle.


This is what works for me at the moment, and the game runs more smoothly. If you have high enough framerate, try higher quality textures, shadows etc.

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