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TDM 2.05 released!


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The team are very pleased to announce the release of The Dark Mod 2.05!


This update includes literally hundreds of new high-quality models & other assets, along with an update to the editor that will change the way TDM missions look going forward. Please see the latest official trailer above for a quick teaser.

New Models

Springheel has created over two hundred modular models that can be combined to create multiple types of environments. Tavern interiors, city streets, industrial warehouses and more. By placing modules together, high fidelity scenes can be created quicker and more easily than ever before. See Springheels model annoucement thread.

New Official Mission

Many of the above new assets are showcased in a new introductory mission for TDM that is included in the update. This mission is the first of a three mission story which serves as our official introduction to TDM's gameplay and setting.

Better Performance

You should notice an increase in performance speed in TDM 2.05, thanks to rendering improvements made by duzenko and nbohr1more.

New Assets

Grayman has added a working fire elemental to our list of available AI opponents that will no doubt appear in future missions.

Bug fixes

Other changes include a fix to stop sleepers from falling through the floor, new beggar entities, new combination safe entities, and fixes to stop the player or AI from getting trapped by moving elevators. A more detailed list of changes can be seen in the change log and on the Wiki

Darkradiant updated

Greebo has also just release the latest version of Dark Radiant 2.2.1

Additional info

You can update your copy of TDM by running tdm_update.exe and as always, older saved games will be incompatible with TDM 2.05, so be sure to complete any missions you're in the middle of before updating!
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