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The Holy City of Civitas


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I've heard mention on the wiki that the capital of the Empire Bridgeport is part of is heavily guarded. But heavily guarded, in my eyes, means high risk=high reward. So what sort of treasures could there be to steal in the city? Ideas I have: Royal jewels of the Emperor's crown, the Hammer used by the God of the Builders to lay the first stone of the holy city, a series of golden statues of Builder Saints, and priceless paintings by famous artists, confiscated by the church.

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There is the emperor and his palace, the central basillica and the patriarch, and lots of rich folk there. You can think of it like Rome & Bridgeport is Istanbul. The Holy City is the capital, but Bridgeport rivals it in size and is more unruly and dangerous. The Holy City no doubt has some special prizes to claim because of its special role.


I don't know of any FM set in it, although someone was making a huge cathedral, at the very limits of performance possibility, then made a video of it, and I instantly thought this has to be our basillica in the holy city. I wonder what happened to that map.

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What do you see when you turn out the light? I can't tell you but I know that it's mine.

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