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Voice actor looking to help

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I just had a PM over at TTLG from forum member AndrosTheOxen.


If you need a voice actor for your future FM's feel free to take him up on his offer to help!



Howdy. This is Andrew Bartmess, AndrosTheOxen here on the forums, and I would like to see if I could donate some vocal work to your next Fan Mission.

You can stop by www.everybodyandme.com and go to the Demos page for a wide variety of faux-mercials, comedy stuff, and my DarkMod reel of voices I have done for Bikerdude, Dragoger, Goldwell, GORT, Larryg, CambridgeSpy and others. I am an accomplished mimic, and have done several characters to match the standing voice sets in The Dark Mod and Thief. And I would like you to consider my for any current missions you are staffing or any future works.

I can be reached through the forums, but the best bet would be to contact me at andy@everybodyandme.com. I can usually do two day turnaround to either 20K email attachments, or to zippyshare.com or workupload.com. I usually ship in 24-bit WAV file, doing four or five passes at the lines, and may throw in a little wordplay for fun. I want to break into professional paid work one day, but until then, I am having a great time voicing characters for fan missions…and I would like to help with yours!

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I always assumed I'd taste like boot leather.


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