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You can use a func_animate to have it play an idle loop.

Hello VanishedOne,


I have the same problem. How would I use the func_animate?


1. Insert horse

2. Change "horse class(:)" to animated prop...?

3. Target horse with func_animate...?

4. ...what to set in func_animate?


The horses in HHI do have less space compared to my new WIP, but it did not lead to errors.


BTW, thank you very much for the hint with the tilted rotating entity. I do not understand the setup, but it works perfectly. :)

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func_animate is the class for the horse. (Internally, the animated prop classes use the same code as func_animate; they're just already set up to be a flag or banner or whatever.) You make a func_animate, assign a horse model (e.g. "model" "horse_tame5") and set "start_anim" "idle" to play an idle loop after spawning.


(N.B. The animated horse will be nonsolid.)

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Some things I'm repeatedly thinking about...


- louder scream when you're dying

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