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Cen0o, Jojo, and Bogdanoff Bros.

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So, I have enjoyed watching Team Fortress 2 gmod videos since they first started to gain relevance. I was always a fan of Half-Life and Valve. Then, I heard about JOJO, but never watched it. After hearing about this weird conspiracy, I think I will. I saw a TF2 video that combined JOJO references, TF2, and a meme about these twin brothers with freakish plastic surgery called the Bogdanoff Brothers. They look like Handsome Squidward. Anyways, apparently there's a (hopefully) joke conspiracy that these 2 weird looking rich brothers, who are apparently big into sci fi, control the Rothschilds and are manipulating the world economy for some sort of fiendish plan straight out of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Can anyone else confirm anything about them?

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