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Bugs I'm encountering in latest Git master

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There's a bunch of different issues in experiencing in DarkRadiant (Git master, Linux version) which are either obvious annoyances or prevent using certain features of DR. I reported them on the bug tracker, but to help bring attention as responses there are usually slow and I'm not sure when they get seen, I figured I'd share them here as well... especially since 2.9.0 is about to be released and hopefully all those problems can be fixed for it. Here are the ones I have so far... if I encounter more I'll add them to this conversation so I won't open new threads for everything.

Conversation Editor won't add new actors, entity names are seen as null

Model browser renders 3D previews for past models, overlaps current selection

Select Group Parts does not work

Darkadiant occasionally freezes when browsing sounds

DarkRadiant crashes when using Map - Find Brush

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Thank you as well for helping to resolve them so quickly! I reported three more minor inconveniences I keep running into while mapping over the past days... nothing serious by comparison, just things you can bump into which might be overhand at times.

Filtered textures aren't edited when modifying textures on the whole brush, no obvious way to tell which textures are locked

Surface Inspector: Can't set scale / offset / rotation for multiple surfaces simultaneously

Undo / redo system records cycling through textures (previewing) in the Surface Inspector shader browser

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Thanks again for the remaining fixes today! I just reported what should be the last 3 bugs I'm aware of: After this I should have nothing new to report for the time being and all obvious issues are hopefully over.

Clipper tool: Resulting faces have an unpredictable scale

Surface Inspector: Random offsets are sometimes assigned to faces when using Natural (*)

Texture Browser appears empty until scrolled through

* Potentially two issues in one, see Additional Information for the second problem described.

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Thanks for the reports. I don't think that I'll handle the first two very soon (one of which I couldn't reproduce), since I think the impact on the average mapping workflow is rather low.

Not sure at all what's going on with the texture browser not repainting anything. I can repro this in my VM, but I'm not aware of any change that might have caused this.

(For the record, my preference is that each issue goes into its own tracker entry. Sometimes things seem to be related, but code-wise they often are not, plus it makes it harder for me to set the issue report to resolved when it requires multiple things to be dealt with.)

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Sorry, I'll keep in mind for the future. I reported a lot of things at once and worried it might be a little overwhelming to have so many new tickets in a short time.

I offered a little extra info on the second issue... if something specific in my setup is needed to reproduce it I'll have to figure out what that could be. The texture browser thing is a very minor issue, kinda reported it out of perfectionism and so that it's known too, definitely not something urgent that hinders the mapper in any way.

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