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Mouse stuck in upper left corner

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After a long hiatus, I decided to try Dark Mod again to check out any new missions, and installed the latest Linux 64-bit version into my home directory. Upon running the game, the menu shows up, but whenever I try to move the mouse, it moves into the upper left corner and stays there. Since I can't access any menu entries, I have to tab out and kill the process after I've managed to sort my display again (it defaults to 800x600 and makes that my desktop resolution as well). Any ideas what's causing this? It's a fresh install, so any old config files shouldn't affect it, unless something's buried deep in .local or .config...

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Pretty strange...

Are you using an accelerated Desktop? If so, are you able to test with a non-accelerated variant?

Are you using a non-standard DPI?

Did you try disabling mouse acceleration in Darkmod.cfg ?

Did you try setting the display to Windowed in Darkmod.cfg?

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Figured it out - my old mouse broke down some time ago, and my replacement mouse was too fast for my taste with the defaults, so I had put this in my .xinputrc to slow it down:

xinput --set-prop "Logitech USB-PS/2 Optical Mouse" "Coordinate Transformation Matrix" 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1.5

Commenting this out fixed the menu, but it would leave the mouse too fast on the desktop. I can run it in Wine since I have it installed anyway, so maybe I'll use the Windows version until I figure out why TDM is the only program where this seems to happen.

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