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Doors not correct size

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This has bugged me for a while, but why do door entities that claim 104x56, are actually 58.25? The height is exactly 104 units tall, so why not the other dimension?

For example, 3panel_104x56 and 6panel_104x56. They're exactly 104 units tall, but are 58.25ish units wide. Why? Either you will have a gap that you can see through if there's no visportal, or you'll have a black space when the visportal closes, or it will clip into the wall when it swings shut.

Same with stained_glass01_118x52, it's actually 116x49.25, again you're wall geometry is either going to have a gap, or clip, or you're setting your grid size to 0.25 to get it to fit exactly (big nono). You can fit the height at grid size 4, which is fine.

I notice the old doors made in DR and exported as model are exact dimensions as claimed, such as door_104x56_2hing and door_128x56_2hing etc.


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