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Stuck sitting after script


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Here's a weird one.  I have an AI on a patrol that was working fine, until I added a hacky little script.  I wanted to add shouldBeOn to a candle as the result of trigger, and my solution was to spawn a new identical candle with the additional spawnarg and delete the old one.  This all actually works great, the AI will notice and relight the swapped-out candle.  The weird part is that if you trigger my replacement script while the AI's sit animation is playing.  Then the AI gets stuck sitting and won't get up unless you alert him.

I pulled out a simplified section of the map to reproduce the issue.  When you start, the lever to trigger the replacement script is behind you.  If you do nothing, the AI will leave the candle unlit as expected.  If you pull the lever while the AI is walking, he will notice the candle and relight it.  And if you pull the lever while the AI is starting to sit, then he gets stuck there forever.

Any ideas?



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Confirmed!  When you said this, I thought maybe spawning an object too close to the AI might be disrupting it, but it seems to work no matter where I move it.  Chalking this one up to the random map gremlins...

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