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A Positive Idea: Virtual Reality Experiences for Sick and Dying People


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I was thinking about how I've been a bit of a pessimist whenever I post stuff in the off-topic section of The Dark Mod Forums, and whilst I do stand by the fact that it's healthy to face unhappy realities of the world in order to provide discussion so that people will spread that discussion and the problems are eventually gained notice of and fixed, I also realize that it's kind of depressing, talking about war and strife. So, I decided to talk about a topic of how we can make the lives of people who are sick and dying happier, and help them experience things they wouldn't be able to otherwise due to their conditions, such as elderly in retirement homes or cancer patient children undergoing chemotherapy or other people who can't go out and travel much. I was thinking about how I haven't gone to the Zoo, Aquarium, or Museum for over a decade, and how I haven't gone to an amusement park, water park, or the beach in summer since covid started. Then I thinks to myself, at least you've done that in your life, some people aren't as lucky or well-off as you've been in life; some people never got around to doing that sort of stuff in their life and now they're stuck in a nursing home, or some are still young but stuck sick in the hospital, and may not live long enough to do that stuff. So I got to thinking, I've seen people on The Dark Mod Forums who've discussed making a VR version of The Dark Mod. And I wonder to myself, hey, you don't know how to program any of this for the less fortunate, but you like to suggest stuff to people, plant seeds in their ears like, so I decided to suggest this to you guys: What about making VIrtual Reality Experiences for the less fortunate? Zoos, Aquariums, Amusement Parks, Carnivals, Circuses, Fairs of the normal and medieval variety, Museums, that sort of thing. And they don't just have to be based on reality, with V.R. you could create a zoo full of unicorns, dragons, zombie animals, aliens, demons, and other fantastical beasts, or make Amusement Park rides that aren't feasibly safe with modern technology, like a roller coaster that reaches up into outer space and through an asteroid belt! I know this comes out of nowhere, but the idea hit me and I'd feel guilty if I didn't share it. 

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I also have discussed this idea with people on the console game dreams, and they've made some cool things, too, that people who can't afford to travel or are sick or old and so can't travel, will be able to experience for much cheaper and at home/hospital/retirement home. People have made Zoos filled with Zombie Animals, a recreation of a real life aquarium; one guy remade Disneyland, and one guy is making a collection of theme park rides that have been taken down or replaced, like Jaws The Ride and Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

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