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More Potion Bottles

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Yeah, I thought of that as maybe a one-time-use "extra special" potion of some sort... or just a non-frobbable prop. As an "extra special" potion, though, I envisioned it repairing health all the way to 100%, versus just 20% increments or whatever a Thief2 health potion does.


Due to framerate concerns or whatever, if it shouldn't become an inventory item, then maybe allow it to be frobbed on a table. Upon frobbing there, the cork would flip up, the character would go "*gulp* ahhhh!" and the fluid inside would be reduced to nothing. Thus, there's no way to pick up the potion, but you'd be able to use it. Just a thought.


And for the one I have labeled as speed potion, it could sit on a table that way. Upon frobbing it, it would be removed from its little stand and added to your inventory.


Note: The labels I've given them are just suggestions. Not mandatory.

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Coolio, thanks! Regarding the speed potion, I was just trying to figure out a way to graphically represent that it's a speed potion, if you were to see it on a table.


Not sure if you thought the same, but that's actually meant to be a separate holder for it, to allow the potion to stand upright on a table. The bottle can be taken out from it, leaving the stand there. (Some maybe thought the stand and the bottle were one unit.)


So, to represent speed, I tried making the stand something sleek. With the right texture I think it could actually work, but I'm not strongly for or against either way, really. I totally know what you're saying.



For that upper-right contraption:

* I envision it being a size such that when grasping the handle, the pointer finger would rest above the top bar/post, and the other three fingers (middle, ring, pinky) would go beneath that top bar/post. The thumb, of course, would rest on very top of the handle.

* The bottom metal part (underneath the flask) can be released to allow the flask to be lowered through the center ring and completely removed from the contraption altogether. A new bottle could then be shoved up through the center ring to replace the old bottle.

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