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The Master Plan

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The audio part for this mod will be divided in four sections:


1. SFX (Soundeffect)

We have adopted this term for any sound that is played from within the code. That basically means leveldesigner wont have to bother about them. Ex: footsteps, impact sounds, weapon sounds, porcelain-cup-dropped-on-marble sounds etc.


2. Ambient

Sounds which are added by the leveldesigner in order to bring life to the map. Mood enhancers, if you wish. Ex: machines, birds, waterfalls and background music/loops.


3. Voices

Things spoken or expressed by the inhabitants of the world. That includes:

Humans, zombies, belchers, and any other creatures we might come up with.


4. Meta Sounds

Sounds used by the game to convey gameplay information. The pickup-loot sound, menu sounds, mission objective sounds etc.




Wiki link.

To keep file sizes small, the OGG Vorbis format should be used for all ambients and SFX. You can get a free encoder here. Depending on the sound, an aproppriate nominal bitrate should be choosen. As a rule of thumb, use these encoding options:


44100Hz / 96kbps / mono

Use this for SFX and directional ambients.


44100Hz / 160kbps / stereo

Use this for omnidirectional ambients and meta-sounds. This usually means anything that goes to the \ambient or \meta folders (see below). Use your common sense: does the sound really benefit from stereo format?


Wave Form


  • All sounds should start and end at zero amplitude. Other values will create pops.
  • Do not add reverb, echo or phaser effects to directional sounds. SFX should be as dry as possible.
  • Mix at maximum volume, but avoid clipping. Volume can be adjusted in the game.
  • Avoid fade in/outs for looping sounds. Seamless loops are favoured.
  • Avoid downmixing a stereo sound to mono.
  • Avoid pauses at the start and end of a sound.


File Names


The naming of soundfiles should follow roughly this format:

[Gamemeta_] Object [_Subcategory] [_Action [_InteractionObject] [_Iteration]] [_Loop] .ogg







Folder Structure


Wiki link.



The folder structure is mirrored on the ftp in TheDarkMod/sounds


Project management and Design documents


- Soundeffects

- Ambients





  • Pakmannen
  • DarknessFalls
  • Muze
  • mrDischarged
  • Theo (for now)
  • Saxmeister
  • Schatten
  • drewb50
  • comp-music


  • New Horizon

File storage


We are using CVS to share all our modfiles and once you have a finished sound it should be uploaded there. Currently all sounds are commited by myself. For works in progress you can either host the files yourself or use our FTP server.

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