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heres a bumptest I did (this is just to show I know how :P )




Heres an example of some textures I have done in the past (Quake 3)


shot0218.jpg Some ingame maps (Q3)


Some mapping outside of game






render of a test map (I havn't complete any d3 maps yet, so heres some stuff in editor)


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hmmmmm, not for Doom 3.I have some Jedi Knight Stuff, and possibly some call of duty maps. As I've kinda tried to show in my stuff, I understand the Doom 3 Engine and mapping ect, I just don't have anything in it yet (I got it pretty late, just recently finished) If you'de like to see some of the others I aughta be able to show some. (note: along with texture I also do interface art, and understand .guis) If you have MSN we could discuss more :)

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Any map is good, as long as we get to check out teh skillz. ;)


Keep in mind that if you do get the thumbs up you might have to wait a few before we let you in, Fing is going on vacation in a couple of days and'll be gone (I think) for about a week.


Edit: I'll get ahold of you on MSN right fast. I'm guessing your Napalm@msn.com?

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