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Err, ok. Me and Schatten and Gildoran were talking on IRC the other day, and Schatten raised some questions regarding the structure of the ambients (oh no, not again! :D) And all this was because he is planning on releasing "kits" with all the little bits and pieces of his longer tracks (something Gildoran requested) and we started thinking about how to organize it all so they will be easy to find for mappers.


Anyway, Schatten had a good suggestion (better if he posts it himself) but it requires "nested" soundshaders, which, tragically isn't possible it seems.


I'll let the others fill the (let's face it, huge) gaps, I'm off to eat! :P

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Well, the point is that DarkMod obviously has need for a more organized structure of its ambient listing (in the editor) than D3 had - and the problem is that appearently the sound shader structure in the radiant interface does not support "subfolders".


Since this is a technical issue I recommend starting an appropriate thread in the Sound Coding sub-forum, with a proper name too. ;)


I still find it hard to believe that there is no possibility of doing a hierarchic structure for the sound shaders (in which a child inherits properties of its parent). We have this for other objects, don't we?

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Has anyone tried putting the "inherit" keyword in a sound shader and see what happens?




"inherit" "<name of other sound shader>"


I don't think it will work since the sound shaders seem to use a different file format than other defs, but that would be one way to find out.

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