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A DeviantArt photo-manipulation copyright policy (where you have to get the photographer's approval before posting photo-manipulations on DeviantArt) led me to get the photographer's approval on my alley. (I admit that I probably didn't need his approval, but DeviantArt's policy is vague and got me slightly concerned, so I wanted to lean on the safe side.) Here is the approval I received a couple months back. Just posting this here for our project's records:


>From: "Tom Coyner"

>Subject: Re: Kilkenny Alley (Ireland) Photo

>Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 15:03:36 +0900




>Pretty cool. Be my guest to use the photo as per your



>Thanks for asking!





>At 10:34 2006/10/30, you wrote:


>Hi Tom,


>I saw your Kilkenny Alley photograph from Ireland online:



>And I used it as inspiration for concept artwork for a video game

>"mod", as seen here. Basically, I did photomanipulation:

><link to alley>


>The video game "mod" (called The Dark Mod) is something a group of

>us are working on for fun. We don't and won't get paid for it. We're not

>a part of any company, and not doing this work for any company. It's just

>for fun. The game, the artwork, etc. won't be sold. Basically, we're

>all volunteering our time because we have a passion for this. The

>concept art might not ever even get used as inspiration for any levels in the



>So, knowing this, I wanted to see if you're okay with me posting the

>photomanipulated artwork piece online to the public. I won't sell

>it and I'm not looking for profit. It's just concept art and just

>something for my practice portfolio. If you want this concept art taken offline,

>though, for whatever reason, let me know and I will do so. If nothing else, I

>hope you enjoy my photomanipulated version.


>Thanks for your consideration





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I saw your Kilkenny Alley photograph from Ireland online:

I had a feeling that I knew already that place, when I saw your drawing (and source photo) for the first time.... And your email only confirms my intuition... :) What a coincidence.


Here's another photo from Killkenny. (that's me, btw) This small town is really atmospheric and full of nice and inspirational architecture.



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