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I've made a little three button script for Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy so I suppose with a project under my belt i'll get another one. I can do configure files, i can package stuff, make installs (if you get lazy i'll make an install for you). I am actually skilled at website stuff, so I could probably design a snazy little online area if you make a java applet so people could see what you've done so far (release the app 2 features older than most up to date to keep peeps watching). but yea, i can help a bit if it doesn't need to be done soon. Contact me via end post e-mail link.


hope i can take a bit of a load off your hands,


- TheDestroyer

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Nope. I'm .:MOO:.TheDestroyer|CK|, a JKA clan. I am also a member of The Jedi Academy [.net], also a JKA group. TJA is a major 12-13 thousand people family. Cool eh?


for the links, get star wars jedi knight jedi academy, learn to use it, then download


http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/OJPE...me_Manual;80816. With this, and Open Jedi Project Enhanced v0.0.9v you will learn to fight. OJP-E changes saber fighting big time.


Swdroids.com is just a good lookin' site w/ nothing on it, its just my major file center. I test forums on it, etc. etc.


I'm working on different projects such as a RP kit for STar Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi academy.



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