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Don´t Know If You Need More Modelers...

Guest Oldiefromdoitschland

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Guest Oldiefromdoitschland

Hi, normaly i´m modeling with CAD... so i´ve nothing to show game relevant...

To make things short, if you need a modeler, mail me any thing/concept you have... and i try to model it... if not.. also as well...


xyzxyz@snowboard.ch sounds faky but it´s real... :P



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Don't listen to Sparhawk (he's German you see;) We do need modelers, and it looks like you can texture as well, which is even more useful We've had guys joining up recently and then not actually do anything, so what we want are productive team members, not dead weight.

Civillisation will not attain perfection until the last stone, from the last church, falls on the last priest.

- Emil Zola


character models site

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It's still Springheels final decision who we will take onboard for the art section. So you can make your suggestion to Spring and ask him that we should take this guy as I already pointed out that we need texture artists.


I didn't knew that you are suddenly a project lead to make these decisions on your own.


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