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Shadow Sneaker's Compositions

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Greetings ShadowSneaker!


Any way you could repost your work? All of the links seem to have expired.


All of the tracks are on SVN already. :)



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All the music I have sent loops seamlessly already. Do you want them as wavs anyway?


It's good that they loop already, but we certainly need to store the sources to allow for modification later (just like with textures and models).


We have a separate source repository for sounds:




I suggest creating a suitable directory inside there, and then uploading your WAV originals.

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I get an error message clicking that link :


Secure Connection Failed


darkmod.homelinux.com uses an invalid security certificate.


The certificate is not trusted because it is self signed.

The certificate expired on 26/03/2007 00:14.


(Error code: sec_error_expired_issuer_certificate)



I don't have access to the server, that's why I upload everything here.

Is this the problem?

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The certficate is outdated, but it's still our very own server - you can add a certificate exception if you want to browse it using Firefox.


For upload to the repository, you'll need the TortoiseSVN client. Or post links to the files here and I'll do the upload for you.

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