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    Wonderful mission! I loved the new objects popping up all over with small stories connected that made the world seem so alive. Sadly, I got the level-door-not-opening-on-desk bug and had to noclip through the bookcase! Also I think the dropping-note-for-fence objective is much too obscure. Why not make his window frobable so you can enter and actually get a hint that this is your fence's office in the first place?
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    I've finished the video; it won't officially publish until Halloween of this or next year but to be quite blunt this mission is one even the author is working on a guide for so I figured I'd save anyone here the time and toss you all a very early video.
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    I love this mission! Great use of horizontal and vertical spaces. Nice city layout. A seemingly never-ending set of optional objectives to find and complete. When I grow up, I want to be able build a mission like this. Thank you Bienie!
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    Boy howdy, I remember recording for this! Feels like back in the mists of time... Looks fantastic Goldwell. That intro is production value supreme right there!
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