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  1. I am posting these on behalf of bikerdude (from Shadowhide's big city map). LONG.
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  2. I'm trying to break up the monotony of flat surfaces a bit, in similar fashion to what modern games do. Typically though, you'd need photoscanned assets or hi poly sculpts that go both as bakes for low poly geometry, and then for flat tiling materials. Since this is way too time-consuming for one person, I decided to take slightly more simple approach, where I'm just modeling shapes based on tiling material made with Substance. The result is similar to what parallax mapping would do, except no "jelly effect" and hopefully less stretching. Good thing is that this geometry doesn't need to c
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  3. Different topic. I was unable to find is a way within DR to search for a particular object (to add to a map) by key word, ideally across the {entity, model, prefab} universe. (If it exists, please tell me where? Or this might be a new feature request [see below]) Maybe those of you on Linux use the op sys for this. Along those lines, here's what I came up with quickly for Win10 (i.e., without writing a shell script or C# program). Win10 as native support to index .zip's, but not .pk4s. So I made a copy of the tdm_update_win directory (say, " tdm_update_win_search_copy") and renamed a
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  4. If the maps are fun, what does it matter who's behind it? If I stopped using every product because of the person behind it, I'm not sure if I'd still have a normal comfortable life I mean, just look at some of the musicians and actors. Plenty of fine works there, but not everyone is as breathtaking as Keanu Reeves.
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  5. Is it nice though? He was the reason I waited until this January to join and start posting. I've lurked for a decade and didn't want to come out of the shadows until he made his final exodus. I've dealt with relatives in my personal life with schizophrenia, narcissistic personality disorder, and pathological liars and lemme tell you I can spot that shite a mile away. Watching his descent from hero to zero was sad and disappointing. His contribution to the mod and his talent and technical prowess were all marred and tainted in the wake he left behind. I'm going to make a bold statement and say
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  6. So he's still making maps for TDM? Nice.
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