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    @Jedi_WannabeWow, you have been quite busy since you changed map size and fixed the defective portals. The mapping forces are strong in this one!
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    @duzenko This should be applied on the roof section to the left in your picture? If so, sure, I have applied the other changes (func_statics without shadows) already and have removed a fatal setting I included with certain AI patrolling outside the building which disabled a vital script grayman did for me. I will get back to you with a new dmap asap. After that, I will ask nb to upload this new version (if ok for you).
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    Hello all! I'm starting beta testing for my first ever mission: In Danger of Judgment. If you're interested, then look for the thread over in the beta testing forum; everyone is welcome! The venerated Judge Malffourt lives in a fine house in an immaculate neighborhood of Bridgeport. But rumors have been spreading about Malffourt; something about a bribe? There is only one way to find out...
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    ?The beta testing forum is now open access, and we've got a nice thread coming along over there.
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    Look at these amazing street layouts- Venice (One day, I will post somewhere other than this inspiration thread...)
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    I wanted to fit one more in, redesigned the courtyard containing my pool, reduced sightlines and again, fixed those blasted VPs,
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    A little mansion interior, after finally fixing all my VP issues. Those stained glass windows look a whole lot better in game when you can see the dust particles floating around and the ambient light sets a cool mood. Might change the brick on the bottom floor to marble.
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