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    Story: Build Time: Thanks: Download: In the in-game downloader, when it's back up* or at the following locations: Dropbox http://darkmod.taaaki.za.net/fms/lhl.pk4 http://fidcal.com/darkuser/missions/lhl.pk4 http://www.southquarter.com/tdm/fms/lhl.pk4 *right now the mission server is down, which means you will need to manually download and install this mission. Download the pk4 file from dropbox above, and place it in your folder called LhL inside your "fms" folder in your TDM install directory. Let me know if you run in to problems! Gallery: Hints, Tips, Walkthrough, Spoilers(!):
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    Yes! Congrats on the release!
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    Not exactly, Cryengine is not a brush based engine like idtech 4, is a full mesh based engine, you make your terrain in the editor using the editor tools to sculpt the terrain and then you import meshes made in Blender, Modo, Maya, etc into the level editor to populate your world but nothing prevents you from making brushes in DR, then export those as a obj, but you would need to UV map and texture them in the previous mentioned tools. Cryengine editor is a tool set suited to make huge open worlds. Is possible to make small indoors levels but they are not build exactly like with DR. peter_spy Cryengine has visportals (portals and anti-portals) they are mostly used for the indoor sections. p.s - Forgot to mention Cryengine editor has a entire set of tools to build and edit box primitives (designer tool), you can think of them has brushes but they are in reality triangle meshes and work exactly like those in Blender for example. You can then edit and construct full structures like buildings using those, this tools are mostly used to "white box" a level before the real objects get imported but I've seen people build complex structures with it that stay in the final game.
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    That argument doesn't make any sense. Steam games can't be "infinitely copied", they are locked to your account (this is why you can get refunds on games you've bought, even if you've downloaded them and played them for a while). There is absolutely no technological reason why Steam couldn't allow the transfer of purchased games from one account to another; they already have the ability to add and remove games from people's accounts, which is all a transfer requires. They just don't want to do it because they would make less money. CDs on the other hand can be infinitely copied and we've been able to resell these since they were invented. Clearly whether something can be copied has no bearing on whether it can or should be resellable. I suppose if you're talking about "reselling" a DRM-free MP3 file it wouldn't make much sense, since you could just "sell" the file but keep a copy of it yourself. But this is not what happens with Steam games.
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    Not exactly. For samples which were originally created by some team member, e.g. Schatten, it is perfectly possible for that team member (who is the copyright owner) to individually negotiate a separate license with somebody else, in addition to the CC-NC license which is used for the asset in the mod. Copyright owners are always free to grant additional licenses to their own work under whatever terms they wish, regardless of which existing licenses have been granted to others in the past. What is not possible is for team members to grant commercial licenses to assets which they do not own 100%, i.e. because they include copyrighted material received from an outside source under a non-commercial license. In this situation, only the upstream original copyright owner has the legal authority to grant additional licenses.
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    I guess that's the one I'm missing as I've gotten all the loot. Could you elaborate on this visual entity? Or simply point it out Never mind.....found your list btw....in that list, #5
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