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  1. Following the release of my first FM I wanted to offer a little surprise to the TDM community. I've implemented a little feature I wished to have for a while: Colored flame lights! This covers all fire based light entities, meaning all torches and gas lamps get versions with colored flames. They work the same way as the normal flames in terms of functionality, meaning you can move candles around and water arrows put them out and the player can relight them with matches. Colors include: Red, green, blue, pink. The implementation is very flexible: Each color variation inherits its original
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  2. You'd need to: - make black&white versions of the flame diffusemaps so they can be recoloured better - use the "colored" keyword in their material definitions, see existing colorme textures for examples - enable "use entity colour" in the particle editor - this gives you a recolourable flame entity. Since it's def_attached to a lamp fixture, you need to use the spawnarg "set _color on flame" on the fixture to change the colour. More initial work this way than cloning existing entities with different fixed colours, but you'd get a much more versatile entity and the entity li
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  3. Updated to use better naming and editor folder paths. color_lights_1.1.pk4
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  4. IMO temporary EMP arrows will be tricky to justify. Lore-wise, they should be scarce and expensive. I'd either make their effect permanent, like in case of water arrows or the rewire tool in Dishonored, or make it temporary but infinitely reusable, with properly long cooldown time, like the EMP mode for pistol in SC: Chaos Theory. This would have to be a separate gadget instead.
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  5. Any chance to make this a global feature that I could add to my Unofficial Patch or does this need to be written into each mission itself?
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  6. I like this idea and it is not that difficult to implement in new missions. You would have to remove the respective key, when it is taken by the player and have to change the value "used_by" on the door to the keychain. If I remember correctly, AIs do not have to have a key in order to open locked doors, so this would make no difference for them. Making it optional would take some more effort, but should also be doable with a bit of scripting.
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  7. Here's my playthrough video of Dragon's Claw, which happens to be the 900th video currently active on my channel:
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