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  1. Thanks Airship! I'll have to replay it since happy with the amount of loot I found only 2/3 of it. Great mission with great design where every place, even the bathroom, has its specific function. My impression is that in many missions there are such places (bathroom, toilet) mostly for the sake of realism. Sure, nothing wrong with that I did not stumble on the before mentioned bugs except one: walking on the carpet in the manager's office sounded like stepping on the wood. Maybe I'm stretching a point but one moment of the story I find quite curious: Speaking of miserable wife, maybe it is because of my playing on lower resolution that is a standard nowadays or by sheer accident, but I really liked the Madame Manager's face after I K.O.ed her: it had somewhat "I'm not happy with the course of my life" alcoholic expression. In the end, I understand and even concur with your reluctance towards polls. Nonetheless, it seems that we need a contest to have because your missions should be judged
  2. Thanks for bringing the anniversary into light. It brings a lot of memories, like when I first stumbled upon TDM in video from Training mission some 3 years ago... I was really struck! It looked like original thief but with better graphics and more interactive. I thought that to make it nicer would somehow be wrong (and I'm happy to be wrong about it). And by playing Tears of St. Lucia I became definitely a fan. Great years so far...
  3. Finished all objectives but I can't find the exit. Nevermind though, I want to download new version and try it again, and since it is such great mission, I don't mind replaying it right away. Reminds me of comment on one of the older missions, that playing Melan's fan missions is like making love to beautiful women. And mission by Melan and Bikerdude? Well, I'll let your fantasy to work it out!!! Anyway, it seems that there are loads of areas I did not explore. Truly great design.
  4. A Reputation to Uphold has a reputation it will uphold! Truly great mission... Thanks Springheel!
  5. I'm curious about indie project Vaporum. It should be dungeon crawler in set in steampunk environment. http://www.vaporum-game.com/ Actually, it is not most anticipated... only anticipated and made by small team
  6. I haven't played previous version(s), so I can't compare. I just played it for a while, but it is clear why this mission had been favourite for so long time! It's huge! Beautiful (mostly because of overhaul?) and with GREAT STORY (at least from the notes I found, I got really absorbed by awaiting to to find what happened). In other words, you guys are to blame that I don't have enough time for work, cause I can't concentrate until I finish this!
  7. I like the title! Only Neuromancer can sound more cyberpunkish The game itself seems to be nice 2D retro
  8. The Experiment 112 is an adventure not to everybody's liking. Quite understandably. The soundtrack is pretty great, though. It's a pity that there is not more of this stuff on youtube
  9. Didn't know that Kartsy Hatakka is into gaming music I like some Waltari albums
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