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  1. you can set this in the darkmod.cfg
  2. I also had two crashes, but such things also occur before 1.08 whats quite strange is are some graphic errors I observed on some doors (meaning some door skins) and on some models I tried to make a screenshot what gave me the first crash so I didn't tried it again I'll see if it occurs again but as far as I could observe til now you did a great job here, especially the sounds made from some of the guards are pretty nice so congratulations ... and yeah, the console font is pretty sweet EDIT: I play under linux
  3. hey Xarg, there's a spawnarg called "stay_on", if you set it to "1", the activator should not be disabled another spawnarg "start_off" controlles, if it is active on map start you can trigger the func_activator to activate/deactivate him hope that helps
  4. don't you hae a manual? I had similar problems for two times, now. And it was always the motherboard, so ... EDIT: did you change anything in the BIOS
  5. Because if you go through the forum and look what he's posting he often suggested possibilities to make money Maybe just a bad habit.
  6. on some motherboards they are lamps that submit error messages (as you have no error tones as you said) you could also try to start the pc while your case is open to see if all the fans are moving, if one is not, this will probably cause the error (as you said, if the cpu gets to hot, the pc just goes out) If nothings happening, remove every component which is not needed for boot and try again but as you are not even getting any signal tones, it could also be an error in the motherboard you can just try out to find the component that's causing the error EDIT: how much is 65 degrees Fahrenheit in Celsius? EDIT2: nevermind, just looked it up
  7. You show us this pictures and tell us to wait six months. Oh how cruel you are
  8. if I made the last changes I could pm you a link to the map and tell you where the problem occurs so you could take a look for yourself
  9. the perf? EDIT: Ah, I guess you mean performance, well it isn't all to bad and I heard no complaints from my betatesters so far there is one location in the map where framerate drops a bit, but it was still playable so far, I guess only old graphic cards may have problems with that (I have a radeon HD 5770)
  10. I meant that it is currently beta-testet so I can open a "Fan Mission XXX by ..." Thread in the next few days so everyone can download and play it
  11. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  12. funny, I've just read this and than: Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 4718592) (tried to allocate 7680 bytes) in /home/tdmforum/public_html/admin/sources/classes/output/publicOutput.php(1521) : runtime-created function on line 1
  13. something like an acrobatic focused mission as the Swing
  14. but what should the player do there if only some walls are left?
  15. @Bikerdude: nearly finished I hope, I'm waiting for some replies, but as far as I can see there are only some minor tweaks left so I hope I'll can "officially release" it within the next few days
  16. Obsttorte


    and here are 26 minutes of "How to give a song a name that really fits!"
  17. remembers me a bit of the second thief II mission some warehouses, more little side-gaps and a boatyard and this could be a very nice mission btw: i think fog and a slight rain would fit quite good in this ambience there is a tutorial on the wiki for creating city streets that may help also here, as those effects are not very good in helping performance give it a try and I'll betatest it, so we're even
  18. ok, did so question: where in the forum is this testing session?
  19. Hey there everybody. I just finished my first fm and could need a couple of betatesters. So if you're interrested just say it and I pm you the link. Something I want to mention: - there is a garden in this mission with relatively bad performance (it's still playable on my machine, but low_end machines may have problems here), the rest of the mission should run smooth - in the garden the sky_portal sometimes breaks, but only if you look from certain positions into certain directions, static skies work nice, so I'll replace it if its to annoying - sometimes the AI pathfinding is not optimal - english isn't my first language, so I could need some feedback on the readables that's it, thanks in advice
  20. @Fidcal: btw.: it seems, that some entities are reacting to some stims and some not e.g.: the generator does not respond to water-stims, but some gears I placed before him does an electrical lamp can be set to react to water, but does not react to shield
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