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  1. What would be the advantage of undoing a selection via the undo action(so probably via a keyboard shortcut) compared to undoing it via a mouse-click as it is done now? If I accidently select something, I can just deselect it. I never considered this to have to be an "undo-action", as I am basically not really doing something (in terms of altering the map). Maybe I am overseeing something but I don't see what is to gain here.
  2. I totally agree with you here, especially as besides the gameplay implication it's unintuitive imho. But @Springheelet al. brought to not change the knockout ruleset. Well, that's solved now The condition under which the hand is raised and under which a knockout would be sucessful are the same. The issue here is indeed the lag. I don't know of a way to solve this right on top of my head, though, that isn't a dirty hack. The idea is to make it clear - especially to new players - whether an ai can be knocked out or not. I mean, depending on how well players come along with the new system, it may not be needed at all and can be scrapped. For this it would be helpful to turn it off (cvar tdm_blackjack_indicate) and report on how you it works out for you.
  3. dmap Black cubes mean a model for an entity couldn't be found. So unless you use custom models the most likely scenario is that you turned something into a func_static and forgot to dmap.
  4. @New HorizonFound a bug. The preview wasn't taken the case that the trace hits the ai's head into consideration. I've fixed that and updated the files.
  5. While that was one issue the height to aim for still matters. @chakkman @Oktokolo(same thread, a few posts later)
  6. Nice stuff. In regards to the first video. The default sitting animation doesn't really suit this kind of chair. It looks like those used to get you shoes cleaned, so I am not sure whether they are fitting anyways. In regards to the other models it appears the the specularity of the wooden materials is higher then with our stock assets. So reducing that might already get things closer to the current look. I am not sure whether poly count/details is always the main issue when it comes to how good assets fit into the mod. I would assume it is more a matter of the overall look.
  7. https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=A_-_Z_Beginner_Full_Guide_Start_Here! The article series is a bit outdated in some points, but a good starting point to get the fundamentels.
  8. One approach is to use a box trace instead of a line. I've already tried that but either I've used it wrong or the code is broken. I would have to take a look. Another possibility would be to angle the trace a bit downward, so that if you look at the ai's head the trace points between his shoulders. This could however cause people getting into issues who aim comparable low (which are exactly those who have issues with the current system).
  9. @New Horizon Yep, that's how it works. It's actually the system that was used by Doom 3. A straight line is drawn from the players viewpoint towards the direction he is facing. If the point were those line hits the enemy is close enough to its head, the knockout will be performed. (During this the blackjack is non-solid, so geometry or models like ceiling won't cause any issues anymore. In the other case the blackjack behaves as always). The reason that one should aim a bit lower is that it is easely misjudged were the horizontal center of the screen is (due to the blackjack on one but no "counterpart" on the other side). Thus if you aim at the head you will probably be facing slidely towards the left or right of it instead and miss. The shoulders are a better spot therefore as they are broader.
  10. Can you provide a condump, please? Apart from that, you may have to aim a bit lower then you are used to.
  11. Do you mean that only one door requires a key or that all doors require a key except for one? As it reads as if you meant the latter, which isn't what I would consider good. (It's been ages since I've last played the mission, but I remember it to be very good, too).
  12. Yeah, I've just didn't expected a copy of glprogs to be in the source svn trunk, hence my initial confusion. But now I've got it sorted out, so no problem. I should have been more clear here, I guess. As described by stgatilov you start the tdm_installer.exe and select "get custom version", then you select the build this branch is based on and enter the url mentioned above.
  13. The ones in the source trunk, not the other one Man, what a hunt. Got it to work now so have fun testing it. @New Horizon
  14. I can connect and upload the files, but the download link doesn't work, even if I exchange sftp with http. EDIT: I've also tried altering it as it looks pretty odd sftp://darkmodftp@ftp.thedarkmod.com/upload/custom_builds/manifest.iniz EDIT2: Now I got it. http://ftp.thedarkmod.com/custom_builds/manifest.iniz It's based on the latest dev build. dev16599-10071 EDIT3: If I try it the renderer is broken. Doesn't happen in the svn build.
  15. That won't work. There are code changes included that are required for this to run. I've created an update that could be installed via the tdm installer if someone can point me to an ftp server were I could upload it to.
  16. It would probably be good to add this information in the wiki zipsync tutorial. Scratch that: I can't access the server.
  17. It's a https server, hence it wasn't working. I don't have access to an http server it appears. Heck, I don't even know what difference the s at the end makes
  18. Commit #10079 (source code) and #16607 (assets): cvar tdm_blackjack_indicate added (boolean, defaults to 1) to allow enabling/disabling the knockout preview indication new spawnarg added to the blackjack, knockout_range melee_distance controls the distance within you can hit the enemy, knockout_range is the maximum distance between the point were the trace hits the enemy and the enemies eyes below which a hit is taken into consideration for a probably successful knockout. I've played a bit and have no strong opinions regarding the values, but you are free to play with them and tell me if you think higher or lower values would work better. Returning to the old system is possible by changing the blackjack_viewmodel def as described in an earlier post. Switching between both systems within TDM or using the preview relyable with the old system is not possible atm. But I am not sure whether any of this is necessary.
  19. I've commited the current state to the svn. As stated the old system is still in place, so it shouldn't break anything.
  20. @DragoferI've setup the packages, created the manifest and uploaded the files to a mirror. When I try to download it using the tdm_installer I am asked to select the version the patch is based on after entering the url. However, even though I selected the correct version I cannot proceed. In addition the new executable doesn't seem to be working with TDM 2.10 due to changes made to the gui files. I guess I'll use svn then.
  21. That's the plan. I've just forgotten to mention that. I guess this depends on the playstyle. I can only judge that from my own experiences knocking out approaching guards feels relatively strong (not so much in TDM as in Thief, but still). But there are also different observations when it comes down to the blackjacking system in general. It's a bit subjective.
  22. Where can I get zipsync? I've only found the source code in the internet, and the links to taaki's server are access restricted. EDIT: Nevermind, found it on the wiki.
  23. Okay, I think I got it to work. The old implementation is still in place, but switching between both is not straight-forward, if that should be desired. If so, I would need to know that as it includes additional work. By default the code that handles the collision-based knockouts is called via the blackjack animation: anim hit models/md5/weapons/blackjack_view/swing_16frames.md5anim { frame 6 sound snd_swing frame 9 melee_attack_start meleeweap_r overhead frame 17 melee_attack_stop meleeweap_r } Between frame 9 and 17 the code checked, on whether the blackjack model collided with something which would eventually turn out to be a head This changes to anim hit models/md5/weapons/blackjack_view/swing_16frames.md5anim { frame 6 sound snd_swing frame 9 melee_knockout } This causes a trace into the direction the player is looking at frame 9. The distance of the trace is specified in the already existing but unused spawnarg melee_distance on the blackjack entity itself. It's probably a leftover of the Doom3 melee system. If an ai is hit via the trace, and if the distance between the collision point and the enemies head (eye position to be more precisely) is half the melee distance, a knockout check is performed. The knockout rules are as always the melee distance is set to 56, but can be changed in the respective def using half the melee distance for the second step is only a temporary solution, I will introduce a spawarg for that I've also added the indication animation. I'll check out how the zipsync stuff works and provide the files then. Cheers.
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