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  1. Well it is compatible either way, so two simple choices in the menu can combine it in the way players could want. For example a T3 fan may want the aimer on the angled bow. Just a matter of setup really. Yeah, it is slightly offset to the right, but that is due to the arrow offset in viewmodel -> world. So the arrow goes slightly to the right. I suppose it is something I could take a look at if it could be improved.
  2. Ah, yes. Well all that can be said at this point is that it is being worked on, I must admit that I delayed it for quite a long time due to work picking up as well as other RL issues, but now it is en route once again. I do sincerely apologize for the delay.
  3. Well the animations can actually work independent of the model, so applying the upright anims to the old bow works fine as well. So in theory there could be two options - Upright/Angled and No Sight/With Sight. Adding this as 2 menu options would be quite simple really, just a matter of whether it is desirable. If so, it wouldn't take more then an hour to integrate, in theory. But is it something so important that it needs adding to the menu?
  4. Should have mentioned that too, yes it is the middle of the top bar, just like in T1/2
  5. Thanks, I thought it would be a waste not to share it. Speaking of which, forgot to add that to un-install it you simply remove the PK4, but I think that is self-explanatory.
  6. I've had this one on my local drive for over a year now, but I've just update it a little and thought I may as well release it in case others would like to use it. Basically it replaces the current angled bow with an upright one with aimer, similar to that seen in T1/2. Any comments/bugs etc, please post or PM me. Here is the file: MOD_UprightBowAimer.pk4 (use right-click Save Link As) Here is the readme.txt: ====================================== ===== Upright Bow with Aimer MOD ===== ====================================== Description: This small modification changes the ingame angled bow to one similar to that in Thief 1 & 2, that is, upright and with an aimer. Author: Dram - (animation set, as well as the aimer on the bow itself) Release Date: 6th February, 2011 TDM Version: 1.04 (backwards compatible with all versions) Installation: Place in your root TDM directory (eg: C:/Doom3/darkmod/) Known Issues: None, as it only modifies the viewmodel definition, thus no functionality is changed
  7. That's really nice Atti, just one minor commentary - the torch outside is too white and bright. Try moving the light radius away from the wall, but move the light center back to the torch, that should give it a much more pleasant appearance.
  8. Dram

    Moon ray

    Don't forget to set its intensity with shaderParm7. I created it ages ago so that it is modifyable and could be faded in/out with triggers and a script. If you leave the material at default (which is shaderParm7 at 0) then it will be invisible. EDIT: Nevermind, just noticed you already knew that
  9. Dram


    I guess I'd better hold my tongue about Blackheart, as the mansion is quite steampunk in several parts
  10. Yep, the HDR really comes out in that shot. Really nice stuff
  11. The only thing to watch out for with putting climbable material on normally non-climbable things is that the player may not guess that that particular (let's just say) part of wall is climbable or not etc. Though I doubt FM makers would make a mistake such as this. Thanks Glad you like it
  12. Hmm, it might be better and more efficient (also more organic) if you make the roads out of patches, and beneath then place a solid material (nodrawsolid should do). That way you avoid the possibility of BSP holes popping up from fine brush incisions. There are many ways that this can be achieved, also having the road bend to the left nicely can be done by creating a straight patch across a brush section of road, copy the material and UV to the patch, and then manipulate the patch into a turn. This is what I did in the caves of BM. Overall it gives you more freedom, because the patch can be edited to even grid sizes of below 1 and will not cause errors. Apart from my pendantic note, it looks awesome Good stuff Spring.
  13. Most red-eye removal programs/plugins I've encountered usually replace the red with a neutral grey, which is fine for the most part but a person with dark eye colour will unfortunately have gone albino. Nonetheless, it is certainly better then having evil red eyes
  14. Dram

    Credits Update

    Tad late to the thread, but yeah you can add my name as well please - Martin "Dram" Melicharek Wish I had completed Blackheart so it could be released, but alas it will have to wait till a later release. I was hoping to see some footage in the credits but that's my fault I didn't get more maps done. Gah..
  15. Looks really nice graphically, though unsure about the gameplay...seems it may be simple. Well I guess we shall see.
  16. Dram

    roq effects

    Ahh! Forgot to remove it It was a year and a half ago or so, feel free to delete.
  17. LOL...that is pro Works correctly etc right? In which case we have a mage?
  18. Awesome. Then that is another char to the list
  19. Thanks for the kind words Always good to know our work is being appreciated.
  20. Wow...one day to implement from start to finish I'm impressed
  21. Same here, just a pain in the ass to wait for it to load, with the initial load being upward of 5 minutes, and this is at BI studio, where the net connection is very fast. Then only to load at each section. It would be nice to just download the whole thing to HDD and run it from there. It is impressive though, how the sounds fade in when you get close to them with the view etc. The game has me intrigued, just the site is a bit of a pain to investigate.
  22. Dram

    New Bow Anim

    A prototype mission and city plus writing documentation on the ArmA 2 system of objectives, and also testing have prevented me from looking into this much. I doubt tonight I'll get a chance but tomorrow evening I hopefully will.
  23. Dram

    New Bow Anim

    Oh right. Admittedly I have been using my upright bow + aimer for a very long time now, so I have not seen the problem for a long time now I'll take a look at it most likely tomorrow.
  24. Dram

    New Bow Anim

    Hmm, that angle will still cause problems with aiming imo. Imagine that there is a guard you wish to aim at with a gas arrow (rare and expensive arrows), and he is positioned behind the left fist. It would be difficult to track him correctly with the fist there. Well in any case, I can provide my animations if desired, those can be adjusted to be angled ala T3 or whatever we are going by. I animated to be like T1/2, so only an angle change is needed really. I can try to pull it off myself, though I remember fiddling around with it before was a pain. Even in my upright bow anims, as the arrow leaves the bow I make it move to the center of the aimer to make it work like in T1/2, and you don't notice it leaving from there either. This might be a good idea to do for the angled anims as well. Anyway, I will upload my anims to SVN but under a subfolder /upright. In that I will place my upright bow + the bow with aimer. You can take a look at it.
  25. Dram

    New Bow Anim

    As far as I am aware, we did not need new bow animations? I still have my upright T1/2 bow on my local copy - complete with the bow sight (which is not wanted by most I know). I can upload it somewhere if you wish. As for a slightly angled version, might be possible to adjust the anims, but I doubt I'll get much time in the next few weeks to be fiddling with it again. If someone else wishes to angle it then I can upload it. The anims I spent a lot of time on to be pretty much like T1/2 bow, so all it really requires is angling it.
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