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  1. This isn't the kind of place where you'll be called a noob for dying in combat ;-) There are clues in the mission that hint at an alternative path to the frontal assault, start in the building immediately opposite the start point.
  2. Thanks for clarifying. I'm not personally opposed to it, just thinking about players of the mod who might object based on their own cultural background. But now that I think about it, some of the vocals the guards shout at you are hardly tame so I imagine it would be a whole lot of effort to cater for such an audience.
  3. That prayer is hilarious! Isn't there an AI that says "I'll piss where I wanna piss"? Great work. I would say however that I think including the member is possibly too much, can it be made invisible?
  4. Voted, again. Is there any value in posting a news article to moddb before voting ends? Articles and updates show up in your moddb inbox, so might give a little bump from TDM followers who forgot to vote.
  5. I have a VPS that I share with a friend and they're pretty good regarding uptime and performance, it's a basic root / ubuntu server but I've got experience with managing this type of system. The hosting is provided by www.memset.com if anyone is interested, here are some of their options: 1 x 0.20 GHz Xeon core, 512 MB RAM, 40 GB RAID(1) disk (£9.95/mo) 1 x 0.40 GHz Xeon core, 1 GB RAM, 60 GB RAID(1) disk (£14.95/mo) 2 x 0.40 GHz Xeon cores, 2 GB RAM, 90 GB RAID(1) disk (£19.95/mo) For the requirements Springheel mentioned we would need more than the basic server offering, which means at least £20 per month, I could pay up to half of this if anyone else is interested in chipping in. Alternatively, if the storage can be reduced (maybe by keeping the backups on Amazon S3 for example), then I would be happy to pay the full cost for the first option above. Bandwidth is also a consideration, is there any indication how much bandwidth usage to expect?
  6. You have to switch to the other pick after the first one (after it goes red). Some chests/doors will need 2 or 3 different picks.
  7. I changed my use key to TAB, much easier to get to for a fairly commonly used key.
  8. I think you might be talking about Sticky Keys, it's an accessibility feature. It probably would make running and jumping impossible.
  9. Are those unique IPs? I thought I was the only Taffer on the Isle of Man.
  10. I don'r remember exactly, it was either mentioned on ttlg or I saw it on thief-thecircle before TDM was released. Been following it ever since. I assumed it would somehow be a beautiful yet clunky mod, was thrilled when I finally got to play it and the controls/movement were even better than the originals.
  11. It is, but getting replacing PHP+Apache with PHP+nginx is a bigger change, whereas you can get CloudFlare up and running in a matter of minutes (depending on the DNS change of course).
  12. I'm guessing the site is running Apache in pre-fork mode, might be worth increasing the default max connections. As a quick fix, I think it would be worth signing up for CloudFlare CDN (it's free), as this will serve any static content. That would prevent the site going down (and taking the downloader with it). See https://www.cloudflare.com (obviously Apache will need a restart first to allow CloudFlare to pick up the content).
  13. I'm glad to see this go, but there are still major doubts in my mind whether this reboot is worth my money or time. I can put up with a lot, but what worries me the most is their contextual action button decision. I know they've since given the jump action a dedicated button, but the fact that it used to be contextual means that the entire game had been designed to be very linear, very restrictive and therefore is not designed to cater to players who enjoy the freedom to explore. This is unlikely to have changed. It will probably be an enjoyable game, but I just wish they wouldn't use the name 'Thief' by itself, it suggests they're redefining what a thief game is, which pisses on the memory of the originals. Even TDS didn't go that far.
  14. Just pretend they're stale muffins and bread...
  15. Playing requiem last night, I heard the watch guard captain say "Stay out of my way" as he passed another AI, who replied with something like "As you say Sir". It came across as a very realistic encounter. I haven't looked through all the AI improvements but the level of realism in the AI is noticeably better all round, so well done. I also for the first time heard a guard commenting on how nice my boots were after he killed me, nice touch. :-)
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