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  1. Edit: Apologies... did not mean to double post, lol. Not sure how that happened.
  2. Nah, they're all dead as far as I can tell. I think the issue was triggered when I flipped the switch again - but flipping it back and forth does nothing to fix it. Transitioning to new areas doesn't seem to help, either.
  3. I'm having an issue where the music that plays when the elementals are released keeps repeating itself - even as I delve further into the Citadel. It's overwhelming all the other ambient sounds and obviously makes lockpicking extremely difficult, lol. Loading a save doesn't seem to help, nor does quitting. Is there a way to use a console command to stop it from playing? I've been quick saving, so I really don't want to have to start over.
  4. I'm having some difficulty getting the dial lock to function. A prompt appears when I frob it, telling me to "use the mousewheel or next inventory item" to manipulate the dial, but that doesn't seem to be working for me. Any ideas? Edit: Never mind... figured it out literally five seconds after posting this, haha. For anyone else stumped by this: frob an individual dial, THEN use the mousewheel.
  5. This is a good, solid FM; had a satisfyingly "classic" vibe that i very much enjoyed. Great work!
  6. Whew. An exhausting mission - and a difficult one. Maybe you caught me at a bad time, but my brain is fried after all that. I'll leave a more detailed critique eventually, but I... liked it overall, I suppose. Great architecture and atmosphere, and a good, appropriately Victorian-gritty story to go along. That said, for some reason this one frustrated the shit out of me. Maybe set the loot count on expert a little down, but I guess I have only myself to blame for figuring I was badass enough to reach 2,000 without resorting to noclip. Guards were omnipresent and unforgiving, as well. Thief purists will probably be delighted by how difficult and intricate this mission is, but at the end I only felt a profound sense of relief when I lurched into the mission complete screen. Make of all this what you will! Edit: the performance warning is also quite accurate. I've a fairly badass computer and this mission could only chug along in a number of areas. Be extra careful, cause the guards sure as hell don't lag.
  7. Excellent work - for some reason I was expecting more, but that could just be cause the last two missions I've played have spoiled me rotten as far as mid-game plot twists go. By no means take that as a critique; straightforward missions are usually pretty satisfying to play, and this was no exception. This is a mission I can see myself playing again, if only for the wealth of options we have in breaking into the manor and the various secrets I'm certain I missed. It also struck me by how quiet it was - you put some of the best ambient TDM tracks to great use here, creating a suitably low-key, yet menacing atmosphere. Another thing I liked was that the City Watch outside aren't automatically hostile to the player. It's one of those niggling details that always rubbed me the wrong way about Thief and many FMs for the Dark Mod - I assume the player character doesn't look terribly different in full darkness from your average peasant, so why all the chasing me around with your sword, dude? Lay off. If I could levy one critique, it's that perhaps the mission isn't challenging enough. YMMV, obviously. I never felt like I had to resort to blackjacking any guards, and their patrol routes were so generously spaced out that I often had the run of the place. Sprinkling in a few more AI patrols might up the tension a little bit. One other thing: the lighting in the streets section is a little too dark. I had to pump up the brightness just to see anything. It's a lot better within the manor itself, but I often found myself bumping into things outside. But I digress; I'm eager to see whatever you do next with this plot line. Great job!
  8. Holy smokes, can't wait to try this out. When it rains, it truly pours for TDM
  9. I apologize sincerely if I've contributed to that lack of confidence in any way - rest assured this still ranks among my favorite maps, and in a field that's absolutely crowded with quality, that's no small praise! I mean any and all critique in the most constructive manner possible. That said, yes, definitely work on what you want to do, not what you feel obligated to do. Considering your talents, I'll eagerly consume whatever you put out, anyway
  10. Whew. This was a doozy. Excellent mission all around. I can only echo praise that's been kicked about in this thread up until now, so you can just add my voice to all that I was struck by the top notch, professional quality of everything... Anywho, I got 7/8 secrets, and am incredibly gratified to find that my has not gone unrewarded, at long last A stupendous mission overall and I want to play the next one, like, now.
  11. An almost incongruously good map for a first effort. The narrative flowed really well, making great use of voice acting and readables both. Map got wonderfully confusing in the way that Bridgeport FMs tend to, only occasionally verging towards being irritating, which I'd consider a win. I nearly missed the optional objective, especially given that it's delivered on a side of the map that I can see players never visiting. Still, it was a delight to see a in action, and all the more so for the protagonist's sarcastic delivery. One minor critique: I got stuck in a dining room for, I kid you not, ten minutes as I patiently waited for the room to -not- have someone loitering around inside of it. You probably know which one I'm referring to. Maybe stagger the AI patrols in there a little more? Other than that, great job.
  12. Awesome, awesome mission. Really liked the twist. Map ended up being a lot bigger than I anticipated, and the plot unfolded nicely, and in a way that was pleasantly unintentional: Well done. If I had to levy one criticism, it's that loot becomes almost trivially easy to find in the latter half of the FM, which makes the first half a little less important when it comes to exploring. But I digress. Excellent map, and one of my new favorites.
  13. Always down to beta test. My rig is also capable of running most TDM maps, so lemme at 'em.
  14. This is one of the few missions I feel an immediate need to replay, so sprawling and intricate it is. I took a particular path which eventually proved difficult to break off from, but I could easily see myself going another way. I particularly like how it's made difficult to hit all the optional objectives going along one's chosen path, as if they should just remain targets of opportunity (though the expert loot objective seems to demand that you do a bit of backtracking) while keeping to the main goal. In terms of plot, I feel as if this mission would benefit from in-game conversations, rather than just readables, though I know that's a lot more difficult to pull off than just jotting down a text file. Still, something other than readables would have helped increase the mystery with Lazarova. For a prologue, this was stupefying in its size and presentation. I can't wait to see where you guys go from here. Oh and I suppose I should mention that I had to restart this level at least once due to a gamebreaking bug. I got it by quickloading once, and the game claimed it couldn't load a body or some such, because it was already present. Weird, and it didn't repeat on my second try, so... *shrug*
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