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  1. im drank and im playing it rigth now
  2. Looks like they accept a video of a mission for an entry, nothing about of how complete this mission is or what?
  3. http://community.eidosmontreal.com/blogs/Thief-Modding-Contest?theme=thief
  4. As for TDM - it even drops performance on midend PC sometimes. How optimized it needed to be to run on tablets i can't imagine... Unity otherwise has free version, editor and can build straight to tablet or iphone I think bulding level in unity will take less time as theres no need to snap to grid, can seamlessly insert geometry from blender, has script editor, motion system for human ragdolls and so on... The other thing that paid version offers more optimization and visual options. And mobiles kinda bad at dynamic lights.
  5. Actually not a port from Id tech engine but a complete redo on unity f.i. is quite possible. Note though dynamic lights are for top line of devices only. If there's ps1-port of thief1 you can play it on android especially with Bluetooth gamepad
  6. someTaff

    Windows 8.1

    Just installed win 8 and had some problems with dlink Ethernet. Found win 8 fix for it somewhere else than dlink site. It may be worse on win 8.1 as its newer and you need special win 8.1 drivers for it
  7. Waiting for Thief 4 And Burial at sea dlc for Bioshock3 And for more amazing updates for KSP!
  8. If you brought this recently it would make sense to go with Haswell instead of IvyBridge
  9. on occation, what graphics cards is best - Nvdia or AMD radeon? Planning to get new one but which one...
  10. try State of Decay, its like fallout 3 on wheels
  11. Quite a contrary DOF one is especcially migth prove usefull for masking growing doom3 age i,mean in the prospect of new xbox and ps What looks silly is 10 years old graphics
  12. You mean shader haze effect? Don't these sikkmod things done in renderer section of engine somewhere?
  13. Yep Sikkmod has it all and comparison video is impressive such a difference
  14. Is it possible to add distance based blur to tdm picture (like fov) and other modern effects? I can think of dirty camera, motion blur .. And otherwise remove outdated bloom effect? As to fov it would be probably something like blurred image applied via mask on base image every frame..
  15. Imagine a huge wave of players coming if tdm will be on steam. Goodness...
  16. You might ask yourself kid "But sir there's no bicycle in T4!" Well we took care of that - vote for fully destructable horses! And it's biodegradable!
  17. See this picture? SW is like this only way cooler. Night scenes in Shadow Warrior is absolutely stunning, pure awesomness of UE3 and if only T4 could be like this... Anyway if you did not grab it already, you probably should, it's super good
  18. I lost blend files for this when Tortoise desided to remove them along with not needed repo (( I got screenshots though)) and a feeling this could be modelled from scratch 10 times faster now But thats not the case, guy who did initial artwork was a badass artist indeed and no doubt doing photoshop aftereffects will recquire skiils undreamed of. I was tinking of dave mckean for the job)))
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