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  1. Yes, TDM runs natively under a Linux distro. it's not necessary to install and run TDM using Wine. But at the moment when the manual above was written, there was no 2.01 TDM executable for the Mac. If you then want to run the game on Mac OS, you had to run an older version, virtualize or change the OS.
  2. ok. It did the same measurement method in the native mac darkmod 2.0 and got almost the same measurements. (sometimes i got more FPS in locations) But running around the location and looking towards to object who creates lag, is not the way to measure the fps. If i had a mission where the player automaticly fly by a large environment and logs the fps at points, then it should to the correct measure job. My conclusion for now, its a good alternative for the missing build.
  3. For me it's almost not noticeable. (but then again, i have an old macbook pro mid 2009 and get used to run "new" games on low grapics and low fps,...) What is the best way to measure the fps in the darkmod? is there something like a "benchmark" mission? I dont remember if i changed the default game-settings. But with the settings i now use, I get the following measurements: (Darkmod 2.01 on playonmac 4.42, wine 1.7.17, full screen on a "little" 640x480 game-resolution, trainingsmission) location lowest fps-highest fps main-room: 40-60 archery 15-30 melee: 12 - 30
  4. if your are use my darkmod installer (for windows), instead downloading the darkmod zip, some steps are different. Download and extract my darkmod installer for windows. Run this with play on mac. if the name for your application asked, call it darkmod and hit next. In my installer, at "select components" check only "darkmod" and don’t change the destination path. When the installer has done his job and you press finnish, the installer quits, but it don’t start the updater Playonmac will ask to create a shortcut. Select tdm_update.exe and hit next. for the shortcutname, call it "darkmod-updater", click next and then click cancel. The updater will appear on your desktop. Move this to your application folder Run the darkmod updater. and folow the steps (from step 18) described in the first post
  5. Bikerdude, on your request you find my howto in topic howto run darkmod under wine on mac and linux distributions
  6. On Bikerdude’s request, you find here a howto install & run the darkmod with WINE, with playonmac/playonlinux as frontend. (works maybe also in playonlinux) I would like to here your suggestions for the following steps. If you try my howto, please let me know the right names for the tabs and other buttons. (i translated this in my howto) After a few suggestions/tips/posts, please add this on your wiki. ==== ** howto run Darkmod under wine on Mac and Linux distributions ** In this manual i instruct you howto install and run darkmod, in a wine environment on Mac OS X. Preparation: OS X Mountain Lion (v10.8) or lower: Download & install playonmac and run playonmac once. If you have Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9.3) or higher, Download & install xquartz and then Download & install playonmac and run playonmac once. Installation: Go to Download the mod-page and download tdm updater from ’install TMD on Windows’ section, place it on your desktop extract the tdm updater.zip file Run tdm_update.exe with playonmac. The automatic installation wizard appears, click on next. If asked what the name is for this application, call it ’darkmod’ and click on next Playonmac Automaticly create an virtual drive and start the darkmod updater. in the darkmod updater, click cancel. > Are you sure > yes. The darkmod updater closes. Click on ’cancel’, when asked to select a shortcut. The main menu of playonmac appears, click configure. in the new window ’playonmac-configuration’, select on the leftside darkmod and click on the last tab ’etc’ tab (??). select ’open folder virtual station’. Finder will open. Select ’drive_c’. in there, create two folders ’games’ and ’darkmod’. Move tdm_update.exe from your desktop into the darkmod folder. And then move the darkmod folder into the games folder. close finder. Select in the ’playonmac-configuration’, select on the leftside darkmod and then ’wine’-tab. In the wine tab, select taskmanager. the wine taskmanager will appear. Here select file > run. fill in the following command and click on ok: c:\games\darkmod\tdm_updater.exe The darkmod updater start. In this window, select ’advanced options’. in the new window, fill in at ’target folder’ the following path and click on ’save’: c:\games\darkmod click on ’Continue >>’. the updater automatically checks the files and pauses. After this, click on ’Continue >>’ again. The updater downloads the needed files. At the end, close the window and close taskmanager. If the download/applications hangs, close the application with the taskmanager and start again from step 16. select in ’playonmac-configuration’ on the leftside darkmod, and select the first tab. click ’create a shortcut for this virtual station’. Select darkmod.exe > next > give it the name darkmod > next. Again Select tmd_update.exe > next > give it the name tdm_update > next. Click cancel to stop creating shortcuts The apps will apear on your desktop. Move them to the applications folder. move tdm updater.zip and tdm_update.exe from your desktop to your trashcan. end. Test the game for the first time To test the game for the first time, do the following thing select in ’playonmac-configuration’ on the leftside darkmod and click the wine-tab > configure wine. In the new window select tab ’graphical’ select ’emulate virtual desktop’ with the size 800 x 600 and click ok. Run the darkmod from your applications folder. If it runs well, disable the virtual deskop, to run it on full screen. Running and updating the darkmod To run the game, run the darkmod from the applications folder. To update the game, run the tdm_update from your applications folder. (Don't forget to change the target folder) Show the console If you want to show the console in the darkmod. Go playonmac-configuration, and select the darkmod executable. Click on the first tab (main??), add the following line at "arguments" inputline: +set com_allowconsole 1 Start darkmod from your applications folder And in darkmod, hit ctrl+alt+tilde to show the console === Edit: 20140528 - added instructions howto show the console 20140529.1 - added information what to do if if updater crashes or update downloads stops. 20140529.2 - delete step 24. Installation of directx 9 is not necessary.
  7. For the people who want to know: Darkmod 2.01 runs quite good under wine (with wine, with playonmac as frontend under mac os x mavericks). The only bug i found is a standard doom3-wine-bug, you cant change the brightness/gamma in the game. (looking for solutions,..) With playonmac you can also create an .app-shortcut, to place it in your applications folder and dock. Ok, it doesn't work natively. But for the time beeing, it is a good alternative for the missing mac 2.01 build. If you would like, i can write a instruction for the wiki how to set this up.
  8. I changed the default installation path and added an option to install shortcuts to run under admin permissions. Please let me know what would you all like to changed/added to my darkmod installers? (you can do it also yourselfs,..) For an example, i can add a filedownloader to the windows installer, to download the core files. etc.
  9. Its not common to install software in other folders then program files. The "old" standard location of doom 3 is also in the program files folder. But users can change the darkmod location in the installer, Otherwise turn of uac. The installer sets the shortcuts to run the game with administrator permissions.
  10. For the ones who have difficulties to install the mod on Mac OS, i scripted an installer package for mac. The only thing it needs now is a working 2.01 binary, malex(?).
  11. When I browse trough the TDM forum, I notice that more beginners have difficulties to "manual" install the darkmod. (like unpack the updater in the right folder, run the updater, set the right permissions, create shortcuts, etc) For these users I scripted some native graphical installers: Darkmod installer (windows), created with NSISDarkmod installer (mac) (automaticly multi-language), created with icebergDarkmod installer (crossplatform), created with izpack (darkmod forum topic)Darkmod software package - deb (linux debian/ubuntu/etc), created with dpkg-deb.Darkmod software package - rpm (redhat/centos/opensuse/etc), created with rpm-build.Get the binaries and sources from my site (run the installer on your own risk). I posted the also the sources, so the TDM-team and others can implement this in their installation procedure and improve the code. I don’t have the time to improve/update/compile the installers for every released version myself. So i’m hoping that someone in the TDM team (or someone else) would like to do that. I would to hear what your thinking about it. Status/bugs: Darkmod installer windows is ready to go. (successfully tested on windows 7/8, and runs with admin-rights). Darkmod installer mac, missing stuff like shortcuts, tdm binary not included) and the updater will not automaticly run after installation.Darkmod installer crossplatform missing stuff like shortcuts, tdm binary not included) and the updater will not automaticly run after installation.Darkmod software package deb, running with the package manager displays some warning messages. but it can be ignored.
  12. The link on that site points to TDM's downloadpage, Bikerdude. I upgraded my darkmod installation to 2.01 with the windows updater, because the mac updater didn't find any mirrors. After running the update, I was hoping to find an 2.01 mac binary inside the folder, but didn't. So i copied malex's 2.0 app to the 2.01 folder and run it. Malex app works with the updated files(!) and I played succesfully an old saint lucia's mission. But after the update running the malex binary, darkmod shows the version 2.0 instead of 2.01. The windows version detects version 2.01. Is there a way to manually change my version in the mac binary or something else to solve it? To make new windows/mac players easier, is it possible to port the updater and excutable to unity3d? I updated my installation to 2.01 with the windows updater (through wine). (if you dont trust the updater, just make an backup of your darkmod folder. Or change the download location in the updater for a full new installation) At the moment, I dont have full screen problems. For the time beeing, Run Darkradiant with Wine. I succesfully started Darkradiant with Wine (through playonmac), but have not the knowledge to create an map.
  13. Some notes using my sollution: You don't need to download the torrent. (downloading that torrent was to slow for me) An standard Mavericks installation/upgrade doesn't have gdb. (And i didn't find gdb Binaries on the internet. Only the source. Some doom 3 users advices lldb.
  14. I got finnaly also tdm 2.0 working on mac os x mavericks. My solution are the following steps: Download the full installer from modddb Download Malex Binary Open the finder and go to your home folder > Library > Application support Create the folder and give it the name "Doom 3" Extract the content of the full installer into the Doom 3-folder. Go to the Doom 3 folder and rename the unpacked folder "THE DARK MOD Version 2.0 - Standalone Release/" to "darkmod" Unpack the content of malex's binaries to the darkmod folder. go to the darkmod folder delete existing file "tdm_game03.pk4" rename "tdm_game03.pk4.tdm2.release" to "tdm_game03.pk4" To run the game, open the terminal and type the following commands (for every line hit the enter-button): cd ~/Library/Application Support/Doom\ 3/darkmod/TDM.app/Contents/MacOS/ ./thedarkmod.x86.release +set fs_basepath "/Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/"
  15. Malex, i dont get your build (both debug and release files in the tdm.app) running on osx snow leopard (and now on) mavericks. Build your build of 1.08 runs fine on those os'ses. What do you need from me to fix this?
  16. Well i got an other output, running your 1.08 build of the app in darkmod 2.0 Maybe it helps to debug. Start command: /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/TDM.app/Contents/MacOS/Doom\ 3 +set fs_basepath "/Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod" +set com_allowConsole 1 +set r_fullscreen 0 TDM 1.08 #0 MacOSX-universal Dec 8 2012 18:15:55 loopback IP: NetMask: Found Intel CPU with Hyper-Threading enabled, features: MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3 CMOV doom using MMX & SSE & SSE2 & SSE3 for SIMD processing. enabled Flush-To-Zero mode enabled Denormals-Are-Zero mode WARNING:Reading currentfm: (/Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/currentfm.txt)... WARNING:Setting fs_currentfm to be darkmod ------ Initializing File System ------ Current search path: /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_textures_wood01.pk4 (297 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_textures_window01.pk4 (234 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_textures_stone_sculpted01.pk4 (312 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_textures_stone_natural01.pk4 (110 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_textures_stone_flat01.pk4 (271 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_textures_stone_cobblestones01.pk4 (192 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_textures_stone_brick01.pk4 (390 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_textures_sfx01.pk4 (41 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_textures_roof01.pk4 (65 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_textures_plaster01.pk4 (124 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_textures_paint_paper01.pk4 (37 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_textures_nature01.pk4 (218 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_textures_metal01.pk4 (360 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_textures_glass01.pk4 (36 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_textures_fabric01.pk4 (38 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_textures_door01.pk4 (155 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_textures_decals01.pk4 (317 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_textures_carpet01.pk4 (71 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_textures_base01.pk4 (323 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_standalone.pk4 (4 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_sound_vocals_decls01.pk4 (25 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_sound_vocals07.pk4 (1104 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_sound_vocals06.pk4 (680 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_sound_vocals05.pk4 (128 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_sound_vocals04.pk4 (2337 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_sound_vocals03.pk4 (739 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_sound_vocals02.pk4 (1292 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_sound_vocals01.pk4 (82 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_sound_sfx02.pk4 (596 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_sound_sfx01.pk4 (882 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_sound_ambient_decls01.pk4 (8 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_sound_ambient03.pk4 (24 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_sound_ambient02.pk4 (151 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_sound_ambient01.pk4 (205 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_prefabs01.pk4 (544 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_player01.pk4 (123 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_models_decls01.pk4 (89 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_models02.pk4 (1809 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_models01.pk4 (1679 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_gui_credits01.pk4 (49 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_gui01.pk4 (667 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_game02.pk4 (2 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_game01.pk4 (2 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_fonts01.pk4 (696 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_env01.pk4 (98 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_defs01.pk4 (169 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_base01.pk4 (149 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_ai_steambots01.pk4 (24 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_ai_monsters_spiders01.pk4 (82 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_ai_humanoid_undead01.pk4 (50 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_ai_humanoid_townsfolk01.pk4 (79 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_ai_humanoid_pagans01.pk4 (10 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_ai_humanoid_nobles01.pk4 (49 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_ai_humanoid_mages01.pk4 (7 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_ai_humanoid_heads01.pk4 (69 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_ai_humanoid_guards01.pk4 (313 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_ai_humanoid_females01.pk4 (155 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_ai_humanoid_builders01.pk4 (87 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_ai_base01.pk4 (8 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_ai_animals01.pk4 (80 files) /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/darkmod /Users/freyk/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/base File System Initialized. -------------------------------------- ----- Initializing Decls ----- ------------------------------ ------- Initializing renderSystem -------- using ARB renderSystem renderSystem initialized. -------------------------------------- I18N: SetLanguage: 'english'. I18N: Found no character remapping for english. 1213 strings read from strings/english.lang I18N: 'strings/fm/english.lang' not found. WARNING:Cannot find guis/mainmenu.gui WARNING:Couldn't load image: guis/assets/splash/launch Couldn't open journal files couldn't exec editor.cfg execing default.cfg couldn't exec autoexec.cfg I18N: SetLanguage: 'english'. I18N: Found no character remapping for english. 1213 strings read from strings/english.lang I18N: 'strings/fm/english.lang' not found. WARNING:Cannot find guis/mainmenu.gui ----- Initializing Sound System ------ sound system initialized. -------------------------------------- ----- R_InitOpenGL ----- Initializing OpenGL subsystem fullscreen: no 800 600 Windowed ok FIXME: Sys_UnfadeScreen ------------------ ------- Input Initialization ------- 3 sound device(s) 0: ID 58, Built-in Input - Apple Inc. 1: ID 47, Built-in Output - Apple Inc. 2: ID 65, Greatdy System Audio - ma++ ingalls for Cycling '74 select default device, ID 47 current nominal rate: 44100 current frame size: 512 frame size allowed range: 14 9216 setting frame size to: 4096 using stereo channel IDs 1 2 Checking portable OpenGL extensions... v - using GL_ARB_multitexture v - using GL_ARB_texture_env_combine v - using GL_ARB_texture_cube_map v - using GL_ARB_texture_env_dot3 v - using GL_ARB_texture_env_add v - using GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two v - using GL_ARB_texture_compression v - using GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc v - using GL_EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic maxTextureAnisotropy: 16.000000 v - using GL_EXT_texture_lod_bias X - GL_EXT_texture3D not found v - using GL_EXT_stencil_wrap v - using glStencilOpSeparate X - GL_NV_register_combiners not found X - GL_ATI_fragment_shader not found X - GL_ATI_text_fragment_shader not found v - using GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object v - using GL_ARB_vertex_program v - using GL_ARB_fragment_program v - using EXT_depth_bounds_test ---------- R_NV20_Init ---------- Not available. ----------- R200_Init ----------- Not available. ---------- R_ARB2_Init ---------- Available. --------------------------------- ----- R_ReloadARBPrograms ----- glprogs/test.vfp glprogs/test.vfp glprogs/interaction.vfp glprogs/interaction.vfp glprogs/bumpyEnvironment.vfp glprogs/bumpyEnvironment.vfp glprogs/ambientLight.vfp glprogs/ambientLight.vfp glprogs/shadow.vp glprogs/R200_interaction.vp glprogs/nv20_bumpAndLight.vp glprogs/nv20_diffuseColor.vp glprogs/nv20_specularColor.vp glprogs/nv20_diffuseAndSpecularColor.vp glprogs/environment.vfp glprogs/environment.vfp glprogs/test_direct.vfp glprogs/test_direct.vfp glprogs/interaction_direct.vfp glprogs/interaction_direct.vfp ------------------------------- using ARB_vertex_buffer_object memory using ARB2 renderSystem WARNING:Unknown string id #str_04343 WARNING:Unknown string id #str_04349 Font fonts/english/stone in size 12 not found, using size 24 instead. WARNING:Unknown string id #str_04350 Shutting down sound hardware idRenderSystem::Shutdown() ----- Shutting down GL ----- FIXME: Sys_FadeScreen FIXME: Sys_UnfadeScreens ----- Done shutting down GL ----- I18NLocal: Shutdown. Sys_Error: wrong game DLL API version About to exit with code 1
  17. Does the darkmod with doom3 steam also work if you download & unpack darkmod full installation file, use step 8 after step 5 and change the permission of file doom3 in tdm.app? (More info read my post)
  18. I got version 1.08 also running on snow leopard, with no problems. Get my instructions described here. In short: download and unpack darkmod 1.08 full installation & malex patch to the right folders, change permission in malexs tdm.app and run the app. You can place it also in the applications folder and run it from there, but then texture problems will occure.
  19. I just want to say i'm also got 1.08 running on mac (mac osx, snow leopard, 10.6.8). You dont need Malex984's gdb.sh to run darkmod. Just extract Malex file, move tdm.app and tdm_game3.pk4 from the "release" folder to the darkmod folder, give the executable permission to file "Doom 3" inside the file TDM.app and afterwards launch TDM.app. New Darkmod users, should do the following: Install doom 3 for mac. Download Darkmod 1.08 full package and Malex984's OSX10_6_i386.7z. Go to your downloads folder. Extract the darkmod package , select the extracted "darkmod" folder, hit edit > cut. Go to your home folder > library > "Application Support" > "Doom 3". in this Doom 3 folder, click edit > paste. Go to your downloads folder. Extract the "OSX10_6_i386.7z" package with an 7zip extractor. (for example the unarchiver). Select the new extracted darkmod folder and go the "release" folder. move files "TDM.app" and "tdm_game3.pk4" to the darkmod foder, by selecting them, edit > cut. Go to your home-folder > library > "Application Support" > "Doom 3 > darkmod". In the darkmod folder, click edit > paste. Select spotlight, search for "terminal" and launch it. run the following line in your terminal by copying the following line in the terminal and run it. Select the line, click edit > copy, select the terminal window, click edit > paste and hit enter: chmod uga+x "~/Library/Application\ Support/Doom\ 3/darkmod/TDM.app/Contents/MacOS/Doom 3" (you don't get an verbose message) close the terminal. Go the darkmod folder and launch "tdm.app". Note: if you copy tdm.app to your applications folder, after step 14, and run from it, then texture problems will/may occure.
  20. Hello, i'm sorry i have posted any sooner, because the lack of my interest for my project. For me is very difficult to make the darkmodinstaller for mac, and stucked a to make an dmg out of the all. But for the developers who pickup my project, get the source from my site.
  21. I added a new feature to my graphical installer, to create a shortcut (symlinks) to applications folder in the homefolder of the user (~/Applications). Also i uploaded for the ones who would like to compile/ patches test it. (If you want to send me a patch for this installer, please pm me.) @all people: Please keep your posts to this subject. Or post this in another topic.
  22. I posted the prealpha to let you see how this graphical installer will work in the future, but testing is at this moment not necessary. I know that other os'ses can run my installer, but at this time the graphical installer is targeted only to mac os-users. This installer has the updater from 1.07. And i I know that build 1.08 doesn't work for me (or us). I tried several sollutions to run 1.08 and that doesnt work. (my status now: mac os x snowleopard, start darkmod 1.08 in terminal, get the darkmod loadscreen and crash with some errors) My solution for this, is to have two versions of the darkmod inside the doom3 folder: an folder with 1.07 to play the mod and a folder with 1.08 folder where i update periodicly and check if it runs. And if it finnaly runs, switch over. And if i want to install 1.07, i download first the full version of 1.06, run the updater and stop it dirrectly between the 1.07 and 1.08 update. One of my wishes is to put an feature in my installer, that give the user the choice with version the user want to download. (@devs: please add also this feature to your updater) you can also use a virtual machine (like virtualbox, vmware, etc).
  23. For the ones who want to run a testversion of the graphical installer (on your own risk), get it from here. Remeber its an just an prealpha version, it doesnt create shortcuts, a nice skin, etc. Tested in Java runtime 1.6 (mac) and openjdk. If you want to run it, install java runtime or openjdk, download the jar and click on it. (or run: java -jar darkmodinstaller.jar) And i dont have the time to work a long time on the installer. I will update the jar and topic periodicly.
  24. True, its modular and, for me now as a graphical packager, annoying. But people can create a deb/rpm/etc. I test my installer on virtual machines (ubuntu & opensuse), but tests on other linux os'ses and feedback are always welcome. (I will post the link to the binary and source soon) My intention is to make an installationpackage that mac-users are accustomed to (and learn trough experience): A more advanced installer (to create and prepare a darkmod folder for an online installation) Darkmod icons And the objects above in a nice DMG package (like the graphical DMG's from firefox or adium) And offcourse, publish the source to the Darkmod team and forum.
  25. If you read the installationguide for the mac on the site, you and the writer missed something: extract the files in the right folder and give it the execute permission and then run it. Beginners dont know that, so this installer will do it for them. It can give the user also the choice to download the full package (2gb), give it a nice icon, etc.
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