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  1. Nope. Never heard about that. Nope. Yes. Nope. That would have been a logical consequence of 2, if that would have yielded something usefull. I only decompiled D3 though, because I often do that with apps, just to snoop around. Reverse engineering the render engine would be a long and tedious job.
  2. Well, this is very hard, because of the flexible way of how Doom 3 can setup lights. Basically you have to do the same as the renderer does anyway, and then you haven't even included the scripting and animation, which also can affect lights. I tried this approach in the beginning, but when I realized how big and futile a task this is, I aboondoned that idea. Well, if there were, we would have used it.
  3. I think with the information from that link this should be not so hard to do. The drawback is that it would be implemented inside TDM and not in a generic way, unless there is some way to hook into the OpenGL driver directly to get the information how to sync.
  4. Well, I must say, this definitely caught my attention. But I must also say that I'm really rusty on C++ development at the moment. I was coding the last years primarily in Java, which is a fine language for application development, because my work doesn't need me as a C Programmer at the moment . So currently I started to get back into C++ and I'm shocked how much I forgot. Well, most of programming is not syntax anyway, so this is not really a big problem, but it costs time.
  5. What I currently not understand is, how to incoroporate it into the games. I suppose the reason why Nvidia has a special driver for this is, so applications don't need to implement it each seperately. So it should be possible to make it work for Doom 3 and TDM, but this would be a standalone solution (though still desirable if just a proof of concept ). Making it more generic would mean to hooking it somehow into the OpenGL implementation, right?
  6. Thanks! That looks intersting, especially the second link. So it seems doable to get OpenGL support as well. I guess I should get back into system programming and see if I can make something usefull out of this. I would love to have support for Nvidia Glasses on TDM.
  7. Not sure if I understand this correct, but do you want the light gem to be replaced with a mathematical model? If yes, there are several problems involved, so that's why I took the rendering approach. If the source is available, then this problem might be more easily resolved because I think that Doom already does this caluculations anyway, as the player model is also shadowed accordingly. So if the complete source is available it might be as easy as hooking into the appropriate code getting the lightgem for free.
  8. Well, you can play older games as well. Sometimes they have a few glitches, but it works, so most of the work is taken by the driver and the information sent to the gfx card. Application support might be helpfull in some cases, but not abvsolutely neccessary. Well, that sounds quite easy. Where did you find that info?
  9. If the renderer for Doom 3 would be rewritten to DX this would be awesome for me. Best woul dbe if it is possible to keep it as a DLL so you can switch it, for Linux to OpenGL and on Windows to DX. Reason is, that nvidia supports their 3D shutter lenses only for DirectX and not OpenGL, so it's really sad that TDM can not be run in 3D.
  10. sparhawk

    TTLG down?

    When I try to browse to TTLG.com I get the error that the IP address can not be determined??? Well, it might be that the office firewall for some reason prevents me from getting there, but it worked in the past, so I was wondering if the site is down, or if it is something else.
  11. Hmmm ... Maybe I should give it a try now. Never could play it because it always crashed after a few times of loading. It got better with the increase of patches but was never fixed completely and I gave up on it. Now that I remember it, it wasn't even about loading, it was about changing the screen resolution. UNfortunately you couldn't stop it, because this doesn't only happen when saving/loading, but also when you went to another map. That was the primary reason I gave up, because I could limit the number of times I loaded, but not how often I have to cross map boundaries.
  12. Sneaksie, even though I didn't go into such a depth about this video, I basically thought along the same lines. I must confess that I only watched the first few minutes of the first video though, because it got boring. I hate videos where they take ages to tell you what they are going to tell you in the video and not getting to any point whatsoever.
  13. That's why I thought the certificate has expired. I recreated a new one, but this didn't help. At the moment it looks as if there is a problem with the router config as well, so I have to check that first. Unfortunately I don't even see if it works or not, because on my end everything works.
  14. I'm running the SVN server for the darkmod and since the new year I have a problem with the https connection. I get an error saying sec_error_reused_issuer_and_serial when I try to connect to my SVN repository. And NO the problem is NOT in firefox it has something to do with the certificates. So if you have knowledge how to set this up, or know somebody how knows about these things (prefereably a webmaster) I would really appreciate it if you could contact me. My server connection works fine when I try to connect via the internal LAN but when I try to use the DynDNS domain, I always get the above error. SVN of course has the same problem. I already recreated the certificates, but either there is something wrong with how I create them, or there is some change to the config that I miss.
  15. I usually prefere google, but that's not the point. I want to learn the language, not use some interface that translates it to me.
  16. I would love to, but my russian is still in it's infancy. I can read the words (kyrillic alphabet) more or less fluently but slow, but I don't understand them, most of the time.
  17. sparhawk


    Can't confirm that. When I call the link I can still press on one click sale, but then I get the error that only UK customer can use this service. And now, they already found a "hacker" and arrested him for performing DDOS. AFAIK the wikileak website was also DDOS'ed from the US, and I'm sure the authorities are equally fast at arresting the responsible persons for that "crime" as well. But I'm really impressed how fast the netherlands achieved this. After all, when it comes down to childpornography the authorities need all kind of sophisticated methods, and years of investigation bevore they can arrest somebody (if ever). Maybe the netherlands should teach lessons to other countries police investigators?
  18. sparhawk


    Maybe you are not so far from it. Some information on the "rape" case: http://meedia.de/details-topstory/article/die-sex-protokolle-von-julian-assange_100032009.html?tx_ttnews[backPid]=23&cHash=e5bfcaa873 (German) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1336291/Wikileaks-Julian-Assanges-2-night-stands-spark-worldwide-hunt.html?ito=feeds-newsxml http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2010/aug/24/assange-wikileaks-swedish-prosecutors-charges I read some articles that both of the woman are somehow linked to CIA contacts, but I can't find the links anymore. On another realted funny aspect is this link: Considering that amazon, mastercard and visa all shut down their business relations based on some flakey excuses, it's kind of ironic that amazon now offers the same files for sale and you can pay with, guess what?, mastercard and visa. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B004EEOLIU?ie=UTF8&ref_=sr_1_2&s=books&qid=1291847557&sr=8-2&linkCode=shr&camp=3194&creative=21330&tag=matstmeuk-21
  19. First computer I had was VC20. The predecessor of the C64. At that time the C64 was not even available I think. I was really proud of my 16Kb extension. Soon after I managed to grab a C64 with a VC1541, at a time where most kids only had the tape. I was really lucky because I got it from somebody who got bored of it and virtually threw it away and I happened to catch it for an extremly good price. Since I was already a Commodore fan, later I had the 128D and then the Amiga 1000 after it, but the best days were with the C64 EVER!!!! Learned assembly on it, cracking and played a lot of games. *sigh* the memories...
  20. Definitely a good idea! I always used to skate with protectors. Helped a lot. Unfortunately I crashed from a halfpipe with a broken protector without realizing it, and the wrist hurt for more then six weeks. Fortunately there was nothing broken but still it was really painfull. I tried to get my son also wear protectors, but he feels that he would be seen as a weekling by the others if he does. Most of the kids, that I see skating wear any protectors...
  21. Thanks, I check out those links. I found a archive with 330 maps, so that's fine for now. Only thing left is, why they are not showing up int he menu. I can only start them via the console. I looked and they have an arena file which looks correct, so I wonder what else there is to do, to make them appear.
  22. Does anybody have a good downloadlink where I can download collections of Q3 maps? I found sites with individual maps, but I don't really want to download each of them seperately, so I'm more looking for an archive that contains several hundreds to choose from. Well at least not only one.
  23. I wouldn't really be surprised about that. I now several cases where the europeans ignored some invention because they feared that it wouldn't market well and then it went over the sea and succeeded. Europeans are that stupid. :)I think Americans are more open to such risks.
  24. Ouch! Good luck! I once had something similar. Not a break, but the joints were hurt so much it took me weeks and I also had to wear a strap to limit the movement. Well, it's still fun though to skate.
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